Test Native Mac Client

Started by Harry


For any mac users, I am a mac user myself and I have used Wine clients in the past. I HIGHLY recommend using bootcamp on your mac, and installing it on the partition. It works so much better, very rarely do I get weird crashes, or bugs. It takes about 15mins to install.
Theres a ton of guides online on how to do it depending on your mac model (I use a MacBook air and have no problems), and you can run windows programs on your mac after that so win/win.
Also if you don't register your copy of windows10, it's essentially free.


I just tried the Mac Native Client. I can't get it to work. Gonna go back to Wine.


I got it running but it took a while to load up after I clicked on it. So far it's patching so I am not sure if it will be 100%


Is anyone using this still or is there another file? It seemed to work and I'm in game, but it gives me an error that it can't load the MIDI files every time I go into a new screen/area. And it's also not letting open a second server screen. I reran the zip file which made a new shortcut and that allows me to.


Still using it. So here is what I do:
1) you will need to make several copies of the application in the application folder for each game account you want. So if you need 6 boxes then make 6 applications in the folder. (The windows folks are luckier, they just use one application, but for us MAC we need every application to run as its own)
2) In the general –> options –» you will see 2 boxes related to music/midi, please uncheck them. The only time now you will see the dialog box of can't load the midi will be at the startup screen of the game. Then it no longer exists


another thing to point out, make sure you use the same application for the same account. It only matters as it saves the setting of those 2 unchecks you made. In other words say you have 2 accounts


make the applications Realm1, Realm2

and have Realm1 with Xander1
Realm2 with Xander2


Awesome. That's what I kinda figured out but wasn't sure if there were other ways. I downloaded the first file cause I wanted to check out the legacy server, but it just makes a new zip file any time I open it. Any suggestions there?


Sorry buddy – no clue.
I never even bothered with legacy since the players are only (mainly) on the new server (haven't even linked my accounts) I should have 7 old accounts crica 2002/2003.

I also via the Mac changed the display settings and made sure all the boxes are at max possible size to fit the screen. Can't really see those tiny words, but I try.


Awesome. Appreciate the help. One last thing. I know on PCs F12 speeds up the game play. My F12 is my volume up button. If I hit Fn F12 then it just switches back and forth between a calendar/clock screen and the regular screen. Have you figured out how to get the battle speed increase to work?


  • by holding fn and clicking f12 I get it to speed up; however, fn + f11 does not work to turn down the speed for me. It works for me, so not sure why it doesn't work for you. I'm on MacOS Sierra
  • to get the special realm emoticons, use the CMD buttom + the number keys so cmd +1 ,cmd +2 , etc..