The Devs Speak on Discord Records

Started by Harry


I've noticed often that some of the good stuff devs say on discord don't make it to the forums.

I'd like to keep a running record of stuff that's important here:

On Dungeon Scaling

every dungeon is scaled differently
That is a decent overall impression
The first pass of scaling usually makes dungeons slightly easier for solo or duo, while increasing indifficulty as you go higher
the intent is that large groups are still faster and more efficient but don't quite steam roll everything as they once did
To level out the difficulty curve to be less extreme

On Loot dropping open world vs dungeons

Sam (Redbeard)Today at 9:32 AM
The open world loot is not as good as dungeon loot

On Mass hold changes

Sam (Redbeard)Today at 9:59 AM
We removed shrugging which exposed the mass hold bug, but again, if you're using a 31 intel character you have a 99.82% chance of sticking your spell
Unless the target has free will

Sam (Redbeard)Today at 9:58 AM
FW caps it at 50%
That's by design

Sam (Redbeard)Today at 10:00 AM
in which case it's 50%
If you want, I'll be happy to add shrugging back into NPC encounters and put hold back the way that it was

Sam (Redbeard)Today at 10:03 AM
Mass Hold was improperly coded, it was missing the calcMystSuccess function.
Which meant 100% successful on stick
Shrugging was removed and myst round was added back to the combat log because a greater portion of the community asked for it

Sam (Redbeard)Today at 10:05 AM
I fought it for months, I personally like shrugging as it adds a dynamic to the encounters. But i aired on what the community wanted.
contrary to some opinions i don't sit around trying to think of ways to upset the community. :rofl:
I'd prefer to be seen as helping

On Dungeon Scaling

JordanToday at 10:46 AM
There is dungeon scaling which is meant to make solo and duo players more competitive
the scaling only applies to heroics
almost any existing normal dungeon should be soloable

JordanToday at 10:47 AM
yeah, DP HC and Anvil are the lone exceptions

On Crafting

JordanToday at 10:49 AM
Hehe I don't think those will be here in time for christmas :frowning:

On Prestige Abilities

Redbeard (Staff) 3 hours ago
The prestige abilities will be in very soon

This is not meant to be an excuse by no means, but the season item creation can be done very rapid with little resources. The content development is an area that we actually have a large amount of capability. Programming is where we are slower; there are really only 3 of us that are "programmers". The resources (people) working on the seasonal items can outpace us on the other end very quickly.

My commitment to you, and the community, is to have the abilities of: Bleed Attack, Stun Attack, Armor Ignore, Sorcerer's Attunement, Melee Perfection, Agile Perfection, and Adventurer's Might out by the end of the weekend (12/23/2018) so that those on Christmas vacation will be able to work for and utilize the new stuff.

Again, I apologize.



On Infinite Prestige

Redbeard (Staff)
If you're referring to your request for "infinite prestige" that will not be a feature on Finvarra's Fortress.

On Free Will / Mysticism

Sam (Redbeard)Today at 4:14 AM
free will doesnt give resist
its an en tirely different thing
free will is a single affect that makes you 50% immune to any must hitting you. MR just reduces the duration by xx%

Redbeard (Staff)

This post lacks context of the conversation and the narrative is different. One thing that catches my eye is your last bullet: On Prestige and Crafting

The prestige abilities will be in very soon, we've got people testing them now. I think Jordan was speaking specifically to crafting.

If you're referring to your request for "infinite prestige" that will not be a feature on Finvarra's Fortress.


Hey Redbeard,

Thank you for the clarification and speedy response.

My goal of the post is to be helpful to the larger community.
I appreciate your interaction and feedback.
If you don't think thread is helpful you are welcome to delete it.

There are times when chats in Realm Log (Gossip or Trade) or Discord I miss since I'm not always online and checking.

Those nuanced interactions help me stay in the loop of what's going on in the game.

I understand keeping stuff on the site updated with relevant news doesn't fit in the current teams work processes.

I'm happy to even have the chat interactions all organized in one location.


Dungeon Scaling Part 2

JordanYesterday at 11:40 PM
Just a minor correction, the numbers I posted for scaling are not quite live yet
They require a different type of patch
Crafting is being designed to be a effective item sink
So those prof items you got laying around, you may want to keep them
VoristicYesterday at 11:47 PM
@Jordan so.. as of now.. 60 80 100 100 110 120 is live and next update is when 1-2 3-4 5-6 toons same scale on Dungs
TrevorYesterday at 11:48 PM
good to know, thanks
JordanYesterday at 11:48 PM
Yes that's the plan


Casting Spells mass vs single target

TrevorToday at 9:55 AM
game mechanics question. CC spels (hold, stun, etc). Does it matter if you do individual or mass in regards to resistance?
Example: I have noticed I have a higher rate to stun an individual successfully compared to doing mass stun. Curious if it is supposed to function that way, if it really does function that way, or if I'm delusional more so than normal.
Sam (Redbeard)Today at 10:02 AM
The pass / fail of the initial cast is the same regardless of mass or direct cast
Myst Resistance should not be confused with the mechanic. MR only reduces the duration of the spell. E.g. you can cast a 10 round stun and target has 50% MR it would only have a duration of 5 rounds.
TrevorToday at 10:05 AM
ok, thanks Sam.
So no mechanic to differentiate between being cast on an individual or the entire group
Sam (Redbeard)Today at 10:05 AM
That’s correct

Sam (Redbeard)Today at 10:06 AM
It success rate is based on casters raw intelligence. If you have 31 intel your success at casting is 99.83
If the target has free will and is an NPC your max chance is 70%, 50% against another player.

Sam (Redbeard)Today at 10:07 AM
Free will is a single affect, I don’t current display if they have FW or not.

I plan to add that as a QoL thing


Loot Drops and RNG

Sam (Redbeard)Last Monday at 11:07 PM
Also, we’re evaluating the way loot is dropped in the game. Perhaps ways to increase loot drop chances per player instead of just all RNG.

Very very early stages of testing and will take some time to get it where we think it needs to be. But it will most certainly be a huge QoL update to the individual.
LilGoofstaLast Monday at 11:07 PM
oh like a slowly growing % based on non finds or something?
Sam (Redbeard)Last Monday at 11:08 PM
It’s a big effort because we have to change the way loot is handled. Right now loot is generate when an NPC or chest is born
LilGoofstaLast Monday at 11:08 PM
That is a very intriguing idea
Sam (Redbeard)Last Monday at 11:08 PM
Time, Number if Finds etc
LilGoofstaLast Monday at 11:09 PM
Kind've like if i have found 6 purges in barracks in a week, but no exp cowls, favor exp cowl % lessen purge % automatically
Sam (Redbeard)Last Monday at 11:09 PM
So just food for thought that we’ve heard everyone loud and clear and we’re all in on fixing the loot generation to be more than just RNG
LilGoofstaLast Monday at 11:09 PM
honestly i thought the loot drops are in a good place, except that i agree some things drop too often and it has severely impacted the values
Sam (Redbeard)Last Monday at 11:10 PM
The issue with loot drops is that it is truly random. The game could be better if drops were tailored more towards what you need. In bad RNG situations also give you something when you’re due something.