The Realm Online's Iron Man Challenge!

Started by Endal


Iron Man Challenges exist on many games, and TRO is no exception. The rules are simple, the challeng is HARD

1) Do Not Die! If your character dies, you have lost the Iron Man Challenge.
2) The only gear you may wear is gear that you find yourself. (You CANNOT send yourself gold, gear, whatever to assist in the challenge)
3) You may not enchant any of your gear (though you may cast the spells on your gear, they just cannot be enchanted)
4) You may only team up with other people also running an Iron Man Challenge
5) Skills like Alchemy, Blacksmithing, and Weaponsmithing are not allowed.
6) You may not use potions of experience or other such items. Experience must come from combat only.

Post below with your character's name if you are planning to begin the Iron Man Challenge!


Cool idea, but what's the incentive?


Bragging rights?

The game gets stale after a while, being able to go through Iron Man is a fun way to make the game interesting again. It's still a slough through the levels (bigger than any other way) but being able to Iron Man makes life interesting a bit.