To Prestige or not to Prestige

Started by Jinglebob


I am really dumbfounded with what I see going on now. Lets look at recent changes.

  1. AOE spells nerfed
  2. Resistances fixed
    So one would think a Prestige 2 could do most items pretty easily. However it seems running 6 accounts now is not fun with the scaling of dungeons.
    DV does -1 damage to Dragons and CoD creatures
    EF does little damage to Dragons
    CS is worthless
    90% of everything is immune to fumble. why even have the spell anymore?
    The Dig scaling is bad with over 3 toons
    TOD takes about 1.5 hours to complete and at the end you get expert crafting materials? come on. nothing but master components should drop in something that hard and something should be guaranteed everytime. I would recommend opening the treasure table to include more items and remove the fountain and sign from the end chest. they are not worth the time invested.

What is the actual plan? you give us skills to make things easier then take away things that work? it just doesn't make sense to me.
I love the game and play daily. just because hardcore players are doing things faster than you expect you make it harder for the ones who are not hardcore. Also remember some of the community is ancient and retired so they can play most the day.


Staff? Care to comment or elaborate? This is just dumbfounding. With the current way you are doing things once we get to prestige 3 you will add higher armor ratings to existing caves to stop 4k toons from running through them.

Armor Ignore: Rank 7
35% chance to ignore armor on successful hit.
Long Sword

Armor Ignore: Rank 8
40% chance to ignore armor on successful hit.
Long Sword

Armor Ignore: Rank 9
45% chance to ignore armor on successful hit.
Long Sword

Gimli (Staff)

Hi Jinglebob,

  1. You can read here for the philosophy behind the spell damage changes:

  2. Yes fumble is not really valuable at the moment. This is mostly a technical constraint of the existing game code in order to prevent players from using items that NPCs equip

  3. The dig is designed for three players because our studies showed that the majority of realm players play between 1-3 characters simultaneously. Other dungeons in the game, such as holy caves or tunnels of death, are exclusively catered to six player dungeons.

  4. We have adjusted ToD a few times to try make the investment worth it. You can't always get what you want from these dungeons, and I understand that can be disappointing. We are experimenting with a new luck-based loot system but it is not ready for prime time yet.

  5. DV damage is a bug that we are looking into on certain creatures with high necro resistance.

  6. Prestige abilities will likely not scale linearly as you listed due to the reasons you have mentioned

In general, we want to make the game accessible to all players of all group compositions and time investment. I don't think we are there yet, but we are trying hard to find the sweet spot.

Best wishes.


Thank you.
I believe you can put a level requirement on weapons so players cannot equip them if they drop.

"Prestige abilities will likely not scale linearly as you listed due to the reasons you have mentioned"
by doing this if you only make NPC's harder or weaken spells you are pushing new players farther and farther behind.

Gimli (Staff)

"pushing new players farther and farther behind."

This is something we are very sensitive to and is a core reason why we are trying to limit the power creep of prestige going forward.