What's different between Despothes Grove and Finvarra's Fortress?

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Finvarra's Fortress will usher in a new generation of The Realm. There are many differences between Despothes Grove and Finvarra's Fortress. See below for an overview of most of the differences.


Things that are the same between the servers
  • Humans, Giants, Elves and Orcs as playable races
  • Warrior, Adventurer, Wizard and Thief as playable classes
  • Beginning stat combinations
  • Max level of 1000*
  • Maximum group size of 6
  • Animation speed controllable via F11 or F12
  • Glowies drop
  • Duping fixed

* You can prestige to reset back to level 1 on Finvarra's Fortress


Things that are only on Finvarra's Fortress
  • Rare items may be Bind on Equip. Bound items are bound to game account and can be equipped by any characters in the same game account.
  • Weapon and Armor affect procs! Shock your enemies with lightning bolts with special affects that proc on hit - or give yourself invulnerability by blocking a fierce attack with your shield!
  • Many items removed or repurposed (see list below)
  • Armor weights are proportional to the AR they provide (e.g. 100 AR chest piece will weigh 20 stones)
  • Weapon weights are proportional to the weapon damage they deal
  • Gold sell values across the board have been lowered to control inflation
  • New armor sets for Melee (strength and dex) and Caster (elem/thaum/necro focused) with linear progression
  • New weapon sets for Melee and Casters. Some existing iconic legacy items were repurposed in this new weapon set (e.g. Wrath, Bonecrusher)
  • New shields to promote sword-and-board builds!
  • SDM bonuses from NMH and Mage Hat were reduced to be more competitive with new armor sets
  • Stat bonuses from baldrics have been removed. They can still be enchanted.
  • Baldrics reset to a gold value of 1000 across the board to normalize for insurance purposes


  • Item insurance -> Replaces stack packs. When turned on (default), will consume gold based on items in inventory when you die instead of dropping an item.
  • Etherealize: Now converts all items in a backpack to gold (instant sell)
  • Updated AI for many monsters: Minotaurs, Wardens, Paladins, Wasps, and more!
  • Dragon Pit is present but has no drop table (this will change after launch)


  • Extend beyond level 1000 by using Prestige. Reset back to level 1 on your character in exchange of a permanent boost and gain access to new skills and a new open world area.
  • Konge is now a seasonal zone and will start off disabled
  • Restored towns to the old beloved layout
  • Updated existing dungeons for a more predictable levelling curve
  • Heroic dungeons
  • Drop tables totally reworked so that every dungeon has unique loot
  • Open World areas were updated to rarely drop "Bounty" chests which have an increased chance of dropping rare loot from dungeons
  • Open World areas had bosses added to the zones. Try your luck and have an increased chance of getting an open world bounty!
  • Gambler's Den: Find some of Duach's Iron Keys in the world and try your luck opening chests in The Vault for unique collectible items


  • Bonus Group Experience: Earn 10% bonus experience for each group member you fight with!
  • Daily Hot Zones: when earning experience in a hot zone, you will earn 50% bonus experience!
  • Two handed weapons and one handed long/broad swords now have damage calculated based on strength
  • Daggers and first weapons now have damage calculated based on dexterity
  • Short swords now have damage calculated based on intelligence
  • Spell damage has been reworked to be more viable and deal more damage in general. Single target spells (e.g. lightning bolt) are targeted to do the most damage
  • Spells have a chance to critical hit (based off of intelligence)
  • Enchant/Permanence SDM is capped at 189SDM
  • Myst Immunity has been removed. Instead myst resistance is calculated based on stats, and every round has a chance to shrug the spell
  • Rust now slows instead of destroying items


List of Items Removed from Game
  • Dragon Pit gear (enid needle, dragon claw, shield of infinite thought, etc)
  • Helm of the Berserker
  • Thief's Mask
  • Magic Mace
  • Magic Amulets
  • Life Leech
  • Nullsword
  • The Defender
  • Odin Sword
  • The Keeper
  • The Preserver
  • The Patron
  • Gnaw Blade
  • Arctic Blade
  • Lightning Blade
  • The Viper
  • Sword of Kenaz
  • Sword of Dagaz
  • Sword of Eihwaz
  • Sword of Hagalaz
  • Blood Sword
  • Heart Sword
  • Spirit Sword
  • Soul Sword
  • Holy Shard
  • Vampiric Shiv
  • Caustic Grasp
  • Finvarra's Cowl, Boots, Shoes, and Bracers

We plan on adding these items back as cosmetic-only collectible items so stay tuned!


Revamped Dungeons
  • Thieve's Hole
  • Naktos Morgue
  • Holy Caves
  • Undead Stronghold
  • Forgotten Dungeon


New Areas
  • D'Tarea (Prestige-only zone)


New Dungeons
  • The Foundry
  • The Underground (Prestige-only dungeon)
  • Hallows End (seasonal content)
  • Rat's Nest
  • The Unknown


Dungeons with updated loot tables
  • Fuloran's Abode
  • Daemon Home
  • Barracks
  • Tulor's
  • Snake Pit
  • Greater Hive
  • Imp Haven
  • Undead Stronghold
  • Thieves Hole
  • Lesser Hive
  • Tor's Crypt
  • Targoth's Tomb
  • Imp City
  • Fenris Caves
  • Ogre Caverns
  • Naktos' Morgue
  • Festering Hate Pool
  • Holy Caves
  • Warrior's Abode
  • Enid's Safe Haven
  • Forgotten Dungeon


Dungeons with Heroic Variants

Heroic dungeons offer much harder challenges with increased drop rates

  • Barracks
  • Daemon Home
  • Forgotten Dungeon
  • The Foundry
  • Fuloran's Abode
  • Imp Haven
  • Snake Pit
  • Tulor's
  • Undead Stronghold

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