What's the point of changing home towns?

Started by Mino


I can see it being useful if they have some bonuses. As it stands now:
EL till lvl 50
Then random town house after 50.

What if:
EL till 50
Then go to all towns except x amount of towns

Have those x towns apply bonuses and be bought via mtx
Some bonus ideas
1) bigger yard
2) get to pick color of house
3) 3 rooms instead of 2 rooms
4) have multiple storage boxes instead of one
5) extra trees in yard
6) extra crest on house
7) swimming pool in yard
8) a cave teleporter (teleports you to go to any cave..)
9) etc..

In other words, bonuses should be cosmetic or QoL type of bonuses but not game hunting/looting related.


The point of changing home towns is just flair.

Just like many of us have nostalgic places to townie, many of us have nostalgia associated with certain towns.

That said your ideas for some premium house items or types are nice. I don't think it's the same as the current house deeds, but would be welcome additions!


If everyone stayed in EL, as soon as you go one down you might get randomly booted to another part of the city. It’s happened to me twice during peak hours. Zones can only have so many people inside them at once. For some reason, high levels like to stand at the EL Teleporter. By the time you are in your 100’s you will probably just be teleporting around from inside your house anyways, so it doesn’t really matter. I never open my door to leave my house anymore.


The moving of home town was to ease the traffic around the EL gate back when the users numbers were much higher.
The town you get after lvl 50 is not random but determined by you class, ie warriors go to one town wizzies to another .
The shops in these towns were more geared to your class as was the surrounding combat areas.