Cross platforms...

Started by Kyle Pirtle

Kyle Pirtle

So i read that ultimately the goal is to branch out across many platforns. I was wondering if I/we could get an update on how that android version is going? Also, if interested, i spend a ton of time on my phone due to the fact i travel for work, would need a tester for that version… Lol! I am availiable…. lol!

Gimli (Staff)

The new client is expected to take 12-16 months to develop. Development will start in earnest after the new server stabilizes (in June)

Kyle Pirtle

Any update on the android OS Gimli? :-) still availiable for testing if your needing a tester and feedback! :-) eagerly anticipating this release!!

Kyle Pirtle

Alright Gimli,I've waited for 2 more years lol what's the word on that Android OS version? I've been chomping at the bits to get back to the realm buddy!! Lol