Heroic Forgotten Dungeon Drop Rate (Jan 2019)

Started by Harry


1) Nothing
2) Nothing
3) Nothing
4) Nothing
5) Nothing
6) Nothing
7) Nothing
8) 2 Gambler's Lucky Key
9) Nothing
10) Nothing
11) Nothing
12) Nothing
13) Nothing
14) Nothing
15) Nothing
16) Nothing


I farmed this dungeon (cause its fun) so many times… about a month in a row, the drop rates are none existant! Am glad it was not just my bad luck!


Hey Harry, I hope you don't take this the wrong way but maybe you should put these drop rate posts in a spreadsheet somewhere (maybe Google Sheets) and share it with the community in just one post? From there we can see larger sets of data, sort it, analyze it, and maybe even do some simple maths across players to figure out drop rates.


That's a good idea @scaron. But I'll wait until I gather a bit more data. Collecting reliable data is annoying. My original intention of these series of posts is to try to spotlight something ;).

Thanks @Khego.