Introducing Website!

Started by Endal


Hey there everyone! First off, this is a big work in process on my part. Right now I have a clone of the current Wiki on the site with a few added items that I've collected.

New Features Implemented
1) No Ads! No "Donate Now" buttons! Now you can just get the info and move on. I'm doing this all for free because I both have the time and I can (and I get bored and want to work on a project). If you want to help with the project, let me know when there is an update I've missed or add content yourself.
2) New Updates group going over Recent Updates, Possible Updates, the Prestige System, and Microtransactions, there is a link to the original forum topics about these items and it's a clean and easy way to see what has been suggested without all of the chatter.
3) Direct links to TRO's official site, forum, and discord channel

Upcoming Features
1) Updating the CSS of the wiki to clean up several elements (tables and the like)
2) Creating all-new maps for the dungeons, including the updated NPCs and Heroic information
3) NPC and Town Lore
4) I might set up the GUI for the editor, but no real plans for that right now.