TRO 'Stone' Skin

Started by Wildfire


So, from the early MistWalker days I found the original skins too clunky, hogging a lot of screen space with unnecessary gfx.
With this in mind I started learning to modify the games skins and change them to suit my needs.

Today I present to you all my on going efforts in the form of my take on a skin I call Stone.
My aim is to optimise, slimming the games windows skins down while making them a more appealing… if possible.
I have a few other ideas for themes in the works but no where near ready for public testing.

If you have any issues, feedback or suggestions then please do get in touch!

If your having trouble getting custom skins to work after any update, check that default skin files are in the default folder and not the core installation folder as I found them to be.
It's a simple case of drag and drop if so.

This is work in progress so be prepared for errors and other issues.

Installing is real easy!

  1. Locate your Realm installation folder
  2. Navigate to skins and then the user folder.
  3. Extract the contents of the RAR files to this folder.

Don't like it? Just delete the contents of the user folder or individual files and your back to default! Ta da!

Download Link: TRO 'Stone' Skin v0.1.8.2

Changelog: v0.1.8.2
So, back to work!

  • Still a lot of work to be done with the "look at" section and currently the labels are missing.
  • Updated the main verb menu after a lot of feedback about it's the poor visibility on dark backgrounds.
  • The inventory and backpack screens have been reverted back their original sizes due to the inventory bug reappearing.
  • Spells menu has been updated.
  • Lots of other little tweaks and adjustments.



It's not bad, I really like that the window border is gone. I really only logged in ran around for a few minutes. Nice work!


I just downloaded from the drive link, and I can't even open .rar (the archive/zipped file) in winrar. Keep getting an error about the archive being in an unknown format or damaged, and I downloaded it from scratch several times. Never seen that error before in thousands of rar extractions other than for downloads that got corrupted. Should I try a different extractor, or did you accidentally change the file?


Hi GhostyGhost,

I've just checked and nothing I can see is wrong. Tertiary has had no issues by the sounds of it.
I'm using WinRAR v5.60.


Nope, I had no issues at all. Used Winrar5.5 64 bit


I fixed it. For whatever reason my PC was trying to open it on a dated version of winrar I didn't even realize I still had on my computer. Using the current version, it worked just fine. Thanks.


Hey I like this skin but sometimes items get hidden at the bottom of my BP. Is there a fix for this? Also, are there other skins available somewhere?


In the recent months I have received messages on discord regarding the status of this project.
Just to be clear I have not abandoned it but merely taken timeout. The skin has evolved many times, even before it's release, and with the recent default skin update it has given me a lot to think about.