1/16/18 Recap: Excerpts from Hektor's Journal [The Reliquary of Shadow]

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The One Academy

Day 13:
Finally, some time to myself and time to catch up on my entries. Where should I begin? My last entry left us off at the portal in front of Troll Spit Tavern. Much has happened since, and since a few nights ago, I have slept scarcely.

It was shortly afterward The Harbinger appeared to deliver us a message. He took us to an area of our world we couldn't access, and simply told us that if he had not changed our ways, we would meet the same fate. Destroyed, and surrounded in mists, this is where we found Guile and a mysterious book that was unharmed by the damage. Guile was fairly sick, and would not respond to much in terms of magic or healing potions. As it turns out, many days of research and gathering supplies was all for not, as once the ritual was cast upon Guile, a monster resembling that of a Saurilian Warrior came out. It referred to itself as Daze'Nor, and it proved to be quite powerful. It took many attempts to thwart this beast.

It spoke an ancient, dead language. Luckily, a friend of mine I had contacted to help, Mugyeco, master healer of the Dumnessan tribe, spoke the same language, but a different dialect. He knew enough to at least translate. The aforementioned language is a form of celestial communication, and thus become known in his community as simply Celestial. It's the language the Fairies would use, mostly, to speak to one another. Very few creatures know this language now, and the ones that do, had it passed down and had to learn it from an elder.

The Dumnessan tribe is a very secret, very well hidden tribe of people who prefer the ancient ways of life. Their encampment is hidden with a barrier that, once passed, you simply walk out on the other end. They use a form of magic that draws on the natural power of the Earth instead of from mana crystals like us. This gives them magic more powerful than ours, at an unlimited rate of use, however, there's one downside. They have to use circles to draw from the essence of the Earth, which as you can imagine, takes a lot of time to draw.

At any rate, once the monster was free of its disguise, it began to make comments on how it did not like it's "new" body, and how it was one of the weakest of its ranks. A scout, of sorts, sent to see how powerful we were. Makes me think that they are able to take multiple different forms, whoever they are. This threat is an ever-emerging one, one that we should be cautious of, and one that requires much research.

Needless to say, we eventually destroyed the creature after several attempts. Come to think of it, the Realm was certainly quiet afterward. For a short period of time, at least. Not much happened that was noteworthy. I caught up on some old material at the Academy I meant to read, and then I traveled back home into Arimathor for the holiday seasons.

Upon returning, however, just shortly after the festivities ended, I found myself caught up in a small gathering at Duach's temple. It was Virulent, the Prophet of Duach, back from whatever abyss he has been in. He had with him Simon, and a man named Dundal. Duach had spoken to Virulent and told him of a place where the secrets of the Realm were locked away and hidden under the mists. Recently, this place has become available to explore. The Reliquary came to mind immediately.

He gave Simon the task of seeking and exploring the Reliquary and bringing any artifacts back with him. I joined Duach's forces to seek out the Reliquary and hope to learn more on our world. The venture did not take long, but it was closer than I had thought it would be. It was also way off from my theory of it being south of Caer Fandry. It's actually just West of Murias past the old lake.

Upon our arrival, we made note of several things. First, of the crystals that spun and hummed about freely. The blue one outside had the silhouette of a man inside. The pink one found deeper into the Reliquary had an artifact of sorts. I think I know what artifact it was, but I'll have to look into that and get back to you. Second, the flapping sound of a dragon coming from the sky. Curious, we were unable to tell it's size or age due to the distance, but we could tell that it was red. We entered shortly after our arrival and also made note of a door and two cryptic signs that told us to speak the ancients' code.

The signs are comprised of a simple cipher where the letters are rotated by four spaces. The ancient's code it's referring to has to be the language spoken by the Gods, when they walked among men and taught this language to them. This gives me some idea as to how old this Reliquary is, or how old the person was who made these signs, as that language has been dead for quite some time. Perhaps I can call upon my friend Mugyeco once more to help and figure out this language? I highly doubt someone would go through all of that trouble to obscure a secret, knowing ancient, and choose to use a humble cipher such as that. It must be a trap, a distraction, or there's more to it that we do not know.

The pink crystal contained an artifact inside which appeared as if it were an amber rod from the outside. The strange thing is, is that the crystal whispered Simon's names. He ran his hand along the surface despite many warnings, and, thirsting for the power he was promised, reached his hand inside. The crystal was protected by a form of electric magic that began to zap around the room. Causing Simon a great deal of pain, he managed to pull the rod from the crystal and equip it as if it were a weapon.

The moment he successfully pulled the artifact out of the gem, it's rotation slowed drastically and began to wobble. At the same time, loud disembodied laughing echoed throughout the lands from the foothills of Wexfordshire Valley to the cold northern plains of Usk, shaking the very foundation of the Realm. Followed by a disturbing, eerie voice stating:
"I finally awaken from my rest. Ha ha ha. Your world will be mine once more. I will begin my work by destroying the current pantheon, and I will carve a new Realm out of the mists! You will bow before me, or you will perish!"

Some reports out of Avalon also have informed me that a man in black robes and a black hood was seen walking around the Temple of The Shrouded One before disappearing in thin air. The moment he vanished, the quakes stopped.

Shortly afterward all of the commotion, a man known only as Tavis fell from the crystal outside of the Reliquary. He has suffered some sort of trauma, and his memory is returning slowly, but for now, he is staying in the safety of the Reliquary with me. A man also gave me a gift of sorts. A magical blade. I will cherish it always. It was actually quite humorous, as beforehand, he told me I might need to wield more than books by the time this is all through. I think his name was Majick, but I never officially got his name.

In the interest of knowledge, I have aligned myself with Simon to figure out the password to the door. I'm not completely sure, but going based off of legends, I feel like that rod is the fabled rod of Lunah. If it is, Simon might be in grave danger.

Farewell for now, my friends.

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