10/1/18 Recap: Pages from Hektor's Journal and The Island Hidden in the Mists [Avalon]

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The One Academy

Day 1:
I suppose it would be a good idea to begin a journal. As a scribe now, I should keep better track of history and events as I see them. There's no better a time than now, as a few days ago on a mission to procure more materials I needed for the tomes, a sudden and ominous thing happened while in Arimathor. It was another earthquake, with what sounded like the horns of battle blasting from the sky above. It was not until later that I would discover by talking to the townsfolk in Leinster that it happened across our entire world.

A citizen had told me something happened, so I called a meeting of minds to The Bloated Swine tavern to discuss the events that have been unfolding. It is here that I learned that the Mists receded to the North, revealing a long hidden ancient island by the name of Avalon.

I thought this would be phenomenal if true, so I made haste to explore the island and see what I could about it's history. Without any form of protection, I needed a warrior to help in case of an attack during the journey, which to my surprise, was more time consuming than it was troublesome. I asked the assistance of a young maiden by the name of Alexandra to help me on my way into Avalon, and to maybe perhaps recruit her as a sort of assistant.

In excitement, we left the pub and immediately began provisioning for the journey. Alexandra had her armor, and I had the supplies, as she was already carrying too much for such a long trip.

Day 2:
Daylight had broken through the night, but I had not slept. I was too excited to start our trip into Avalon. Alex and I had met downstairs in the Bloated Swine in the morning hours to begin our journey. Walking through East Leinster, we discussed ways to perhaps take a few hours from our trip, and decided that Usk would perhaps be a better place to start, and try to find a way north.

Arriving in Usk, I can only assume we were followed by a native from Leinster. Alexandra and I had become separated and during this time he cornered her, looking for food. Once we reconnected, I offered to feed the man, to which he offered his services afterwards.

I explained to him my mission and how we were trying to procure a way North from the shores of Usk, but we've yet to have any luck. This is when he guided us to a place called Loch Murk, a seemingly ominous place shrouded in mist and a sign, “The Island of the Dead rises in the North.” It was then our new guide began to choke from the mist around us, and as quickly as he arrived, departed us.

Alexandra and I then found a row boat left abandoned and as rickety as it was, it worked out well. We hopped in and I began to row North, until eventually hitting the shores of some island. Was this Avalon? Is this perhaps the Island of the Dead that no mere mortal man can venture? Thoughts began racing through my mind, and stepping onto uncharted land for the first time had me rather nervous, but I had to keep my composure. Alexandra was certainly brave, but not so much fearless. We'll work on that.

We trekked through the hot island for what felt like hours, coming to a group of people that were also from the main land, who pointed us in the direction of the town so we could rest for a few hours. Thank goodness for that, because we were in despite need for some water. Shortly after our arrival, I began talking to the locals, and other citizens from different areas of the mainland, when we learned about two things; the void, and the temple in the jungle to the north, specifically. This will be an interesting journey for sure.

We began to immediately search for clues on the whereabouts of the Void. We searched high, we searched low. There was no void to be found either in the wilderness, or the town itself. All hope was becoming lost. We were thrown off on many different things, such as the mysterious tomb in town, the Hall of Fame with blank crests, the temple in the woods, and the random pit of lava south of town.

We decided to, last minute, investigate the temple just in case we missed anything. We tried several different benches for pressure plates, and pulling a random lever within the building, to no avail. There is a sarcophagus within the temple walls, but we can not seem to figure out just what it is other than a final resting place. Suddenly, a being appeared before us, and drove us away with his warnings of the temple, and that we knew not what it was for. I've learned that he is what people call "The Harbinger." Rather interesting development. We decided shortly after to return to town for the night.

Day 3:
It is now my second day in Avalon, and I still have not slept. Alexandra has slept no problem, but I just can't seem to figure out what is going on here. My mind is awash with various possibilities, and it's impossible to concentrate on sleep.

I suddenly awoke in a room with the sun gleaming through the window nearby. I suppose I did fall asleep, but how long had I slept? I ran downstairs to meet Alexandra, patiently waiting in the pub below with a hot tea and no armor. She had told me she didn't feel well, and that tea helped her to recover, so she would be staying in the inn today, and she wouldn't be dragged out into the heat of the day.

I agreed. She looked pale and rather hot. I nodded and grabbed a bottle of water from the young maiden at the bar and took off. Looking to a nearby sundial, I realize I had graciously overslept until one in the afternoon. It was time to call a meeting.

We met in what you could call a town square next to Duke, who from my understanding is a former Duke of Avalon. I'm not sure what he did yet to loose his title, but I have other more important things to tend to my first few days in Avalon. We met with some citizens that we also met with yesterday; A man by the name of Krash, a maiden with the name of Trillion, and the Dawn sisters. We searched the town once more looking for any clues we may have missed, and found nothing. So we began to talk to the shop keepers, and several hours later, we began to put clues together.

One maiden had told us that, “My mother used to tell me that fools go where angels dare to tread.”
Another maiden had told us that, “If you look for something hard enough, you'll find it, even though it is not the truth.”

With this in mind, we came to the collective conclusion that if they were in fact talking about the void, it would have to be something in plain sight. Something common, every day, in an every day location. We also came to the conclusion that angels dare tread in evil aligned temples, the fire of hell, and fools drink, or ale.

Given these hints, we gathered that the answer must lay within a tavern, pub, or bar. Pubs being the most common place, every town has one. Then, what was the common item? Everything in a pub was common; chairs, tables, mugs, coat racks, barrels, fire. Where would we begin? We thought of the angels again, and how the fires of hell were a place they dare not tread, which lead us to the most common item of all: the fireplace.

We felt around the fireplace for what felt like forever, and found nothing. The search continued for what felt like an eternity, as I began to have memories of Avalon, a place I had never been before now. I began to sweat profusely, and speak nonsense to the party I was with, such as recalling better days in Avalon with fondness. Things that didn't make any sense, as I've spent my entire life in Arimathor.

When suddenly, poof. We found ourselves floating in nothingness. Pitch black nothingness. We were there for an undetermined amount of time, when we slipped back out into the physical world outside of the same pub we were just in mere minutes ago, and then I felt fine.

It was then we saw Alexandra in her armor, sweating, and leaning on a tree looking for me. She, too, told me that she had remembered Avalon, and that we didn't understand. She also told us that Avalon is a place just south of her home city, and that she had to try to get home. I begged her to stay, damn, I pleaded with her. But she ran off, and we lost her in the woods. I'm not sure, but at the time of writing this, but I feel as though the void might play a huge role in these memories that I can now no longer remember.

Conclusion: We have a mysterious island revealed from the Mists, an abandoned temple shrouded in vines that I can only assume holds more secrets, an unexplained being that could or could not be holding a secret, and now two people missing. I am not exactly sure how to proceed from here, except take today and perhaps tomorrow off and try to search for Alexandra to the best of my ability, and afterwards work on finishing my assignment in Avalon and report back to the Academy with my findings. Until next time, my friends.