10/12/18 Recap: Pages from Hektor's Journal and The Reliquary of Mystery [The One Academy]

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The One Academy

Day 4:
It has been a busy week for the Realm, certainly. I called a meeting earlier in the week to discuss another tome seemingly written by this “Didascalos” person. I still have slight reservations if it really was Didascalos, but time will tell us for sure, simply because nobody seems to know what happened to this man. Sources tell me that his existence was brief on the old timeline, so he did in fact exist, but I can not find any further information other than what I currently know.

At any rate, the journal entries made by Didascalos and hidden with magical ink seem to have been broken up on purpose to make them harder to find. Who knows how many entries there really are to his journal, or what they can tell us. I have a feeling though this might very well be the last of the entries judging by the way it is written. I've copied his entry and published it in my own journal so all could see.

“Of course, if you were fortunate enough to find an earlier or later entry than this one, you will have noticed by now that not everything has been kept in the same journal. I have done this for a reason, as whoever finds these journal entries must piece them together. This is one of the only ways I could think of to hide my messages from the wrong people.

I spoke to you about Avalon in the past, but of course, that was shortly after Misthos came to me and identified himself as The God of Infinite Rewards. He informed me that he was instructed by Despothes to grant me with what he described as "the principles of the nature of things", or knowledge. I was skeptical at first. Wouldn't you be? My concern was that I would not know how to use it, however he stayed with me for several fortnights, and taught me what I needed to know.

He gave me a scepter, a wand of sorts, to control this knowledge. He told me that it was forged by a man named Nehnamis, and as time went on, I would no longer need the scepter. He began to tell me more things as time went on, eventually giving me instructions of my own. I was to use this knowledge to create a temple for it's study, and that I would call to myself eight others as worthy as me to be the givers of the knowledge to all humankind. I was warned that I would embark on an epic journey of discovery and enlightenment, filled with possibility and peril.

He told me that I must now remain vigilant so that my place as keeper of the scepter is by no means taken from me, and then he left. I followed my instructions, and began my work on what I call the Reliquary, a new temple for it's study. I've spent several years now using my knowledge given to me and created a puzzle of sorts to keep the knowledge from those who would abuse it. If you should never find another entry, then it must mean it has happened. Gods no longer walk among man. Should you ever find the reliquary, do your best to hold it's secrets.

The artifacts contained within will have whatever impact on our world as the wielder desires. If you should ever find the reliquary, you must do as I did, and call upon yourself eight others. You must work together to save our world from whats coming.”

The last meeting I held was cut short by the appearance of The Harbinger, this time he did not seem to show. Or if he did, he did not speak. I am inclined to believe him when he says he is everywhere and nowhere at that same time. I've become a bit paranoid. It's almost as if I'm being watched, even in my own study.

I must call another meeting to discuss the recent happenings in the desert. The mists seem to be receding further, as the Konge, a place once shrouded in mists, have become clear and open to us again. This is strange to me, because on the old time line, Avalon was the one shrouded in Mists. Things are no longer happening in the order that they happened on the old time line, and this is a bit concerning to me. What are we doing differently?

Farewell for now, my friends.