10/18/19 Recap: Pages from Hektor's Journal and Xundall's Spirit [The Reliquary of Shadows]

Started by The One Academy

The One Academy

There is much to be said about the importance of history. History teaches us many lessons, lessons we can still learn from.

In the caves I was sent to investigate by the king, the skeleton present resulted in much discussion but was finally able to be moved. I thought I was doing the right thing by giving him a proper sendoff, no matter who he was, but I could have been wrong. So I had it arranged to take him back to the Reliquary, and give him a proper resting place, and gathered a group of people to assist in such matters. In the name of historical accuracy, I also desired to have help in examining the remains one last time in case there were things I missed in my original reports.

This did not go over well with some. I should have left it there, some say. Others said it was a thoughtful thing to do. I don't know how to feel… But what happened afterwards is the focus of this entry.

The locket once belonging to the skeleton, now in possession of Alexandra, began to react and naturally, she removed it. It began to pull to the skeleton, making her place the locket on the skeleton. “It wants to be with it's owner” she said. This is around the time the skeleton came to life. Terrified as a human but intrigued as a scribe and a historian, I remain silent to allow him to speak.

The skeleton, after soaking his bones in the fountain nearby, began to speak of Enid endearingly as his daughter. He identified himself as Xundall, confirming most of our theories that he was her father and that was in fact his name, and the missing piece to a lost of stories from our past.

He also inquired to who Duach and Elphame were to us now, to which I explained one being the Lord of Darkness, and the other being the Goddess of Justice, and the guardian of the underworld. He found this amusing, as in his own words, justice really should have no alignment. He states that Justice has indeed aligned with Duach, which makes me speculate that they were the ones involved in his… Disappearance.

I explained we merely discovered him recently, as someone has gone through great lengths to obscure his identity and his existence. “Then perhaps the prophecy of a dead legend can still come to circle, even when the imbalance exists. If the truth is becoming rewritten from a hidden past, there is hope.”

Also included in his cryptic messages was her “lineage”. Nobody, including an avid historian such as myself, was even aware Enid had descendants. This changes everything we currently know about the Realm, and requires further investigation. After this, he mentioned he perhaps awoke to prevent breaking the “Lost Prophecy”, for is we were to destroy his bones, it cannot occur.

He thanked us, explained that he felt “the dragon” growing weaker, and promptly fell even weaker. “A prophecy written of a legend will return,” he howled out, losing balance. “

My conclusion, with the help of Tavis and several others in company, was that Alex never felt any ill effects from the locket, however I did. I am concerned, as this has lead many to think I may be responsible for less than reputable things in our world. I cannot explain how deeply saddened and motivated I am to prove my innocence. I also suspect that Alex might actually be somehow related to this whole situation. Xundall's locket wont react to her, is she perhaps a chosen one of sorts? It's the only thing that makes sense to me right now.

I later arranged to have him moved back to his original resting place and the caverns sealed off to prevent any tampering with him or his surroundings.

Until next time, my friends…