10/19/18 Recap: Pages from Hektor's Journal and The Dragons in the Mists [The One Academy]

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The One Academy

Day 5:
If Avalon, The Fallows, The Shrouded Temple, and The Void weren't enough to deal with, now we have even more mysteries on our hands to solve. With the latest entry from Didascalos, he writes to us about a sort of mythical creature known as The Mist Dragon, who hides in the mist and protects it. Or rather, eats anything that dares cross into the mists. Even the Gods fear it's power.

He also speaks of other things we do not know due to an inability to share it in this way. I suspect that these secrets will reveal themselves once we can find the Reliquary that he speaks about. He also says that "even we are still learning", which leads me to believe that even after being blessed with his knowledge from Despothes, there are things that even he may not know at this time of his writing.

In legend, we are told that Misthos appeared to a select few people and told them how to reverse the mist and that he can confirm, as he was one of the ones he appeared to. It is my guess that he locked his secrets deep within his reliquary after telling his chosen eight the secret as well. He also warns such an action will cause a reaction, and to be cautious. My guess is that if we tear down the mist, this dragon and the other various unnamed threats may become a problem.

There are several threats in the world right now, and many you cannot see. One of which is The Mists. It has been here since the dawn of time and has contracted and expanded time and time again.

However, there is so much more to it than just that, of which you do not know. Even we are still learning. I cannot share the secret here, merely that everything will become clear in time. The legends say that Misthos appeared to a select chosen few and told them of a way to reverse the mists. I can tell you that this is no mere legend, as I was one of the ones he appeared to.

As I was also the one granted with the knowledge of the principals of nature and things, I passed the secret down to my chosen eight and hid the secrets in the aforementioned Reliquary. If the time ever becomes necessary, there is a way to fight the mists. But be forewarned, there will be a price, and with every action comes a reaction.

I hope that when you enter into my Reliquary, you will be able to weigh the pros and cons of such a decision and make the right choice. Once you do, you will never be able to return to the world as you know it. The next threat is the mist dragon. Many of my peers even still to this day dismiss this as a rumor, but this creature is fearsome. Ruthless. Unstoppable, indestructible.

A horrible, awful being, who feeds on any and everything in its path just to claim it's domain: Anything shrouded in mists. By the time you hear his wings overhead, by the time you hear his roar that shakes mountains, it is already too late. It seems to spend most of its time patrolling the mists for things that do not belong.

Hear me, do not take this lightly. The Gods themselves have no knowledge of its origins or a way to overcome its sheer power. The Gods even tremble at the might of the mist dragon. Keep this in mind for when you make your decision, chosen one.

Many entries ago I told you the artifacts found within my reliquary are extremely powerful. Some you may think is mere legend, but I can assure you that they exist, and the rumors are true. I trust that you will know what to do when the time comes, chosen one.

This will be my last entry. I hope that I have provided you with enough information over the several entries I've scattered throughout the lands and that you could collect and figure out the secrets within them.

Make the right choice.
Yours truly, with best of luck, Didascalos.

Legend says that those of pure ancestral blood could pass through the mists into Avalon and beyond, without complication. During my expedition into Avalon, I learned several things about that. After the invasions, the mists became harder and harder to pass as the blood mixed with those of Uplander origins.

However, there were also people who had "permission", of sorts, to walk through the mists and nobody seemed to know exactly why; they just could. Then there are the mist mages. During the mage wars, these people were named as such because they spent their entire lives trying to transcend the mist, and most were successful.

It is not so outlandish to believe that Didascalos was of pure ancestral blood, an ancient, who could transcend the mist, and it's not outlandish to think he would choose eight people like himself, as instructed by Misthos. Furthermore… Something else interesting has happened as well. I do not remember the old timeline, I suppose I never came back. Perhaps I died before Chesparin was able to invoke the spell, so there was nothing to come back with me? Nobody remembers me from that timeline, so it is possible.

Perhaps something happened differently that saved my life on this timeline, so I am here now in this present. Regardless of reasons, I know of two places because I have been asked about them by those that remember the former timeline, which is The Fallows and The Konge. What is interesting to me is that these places were open on the old timeline, but Avalon was not. However, on this timeline, Avalon becomes open to us, before The Konge or The Fallows.

This timeline has definitely been altered to a point where even the mist is acting differently. And to make matters even more interesting, there was never a global anti-magic aura by the high elves until Chesparin told them of the future. Is it possible that the mists are being disrupted somehow? Rather it is the anti-magic aura, or something else, something seems to be making the mists act irregularly. Perhaps this is a trick, as well.

I feel we are close to figuring out the mists. The Reliquary must be around here someplace, hopefully not shrouded in mist. Everything that happened on the old timeline, happened in this timeline, from the best of my knowledge, and from what I've been able to piece together, except anything after 1362 K.H., which is a mere two years after the Smiting.

It wasn't until after reading the book though that something strange happened. A portal had appeared outside of the Trollspit Tavern lately, with unknown origins or purposes. Nobody could walk through this portal, either. Suddenly, during my meeting, a woman ran to us and told us of a strange woman outside of the portal. We left to investigate to find a strange woman laughing at us, who said she knew of me, and that we were good friends. I was unable to remember, or even understand how.

We asked her many questions, and she refused an answer. It was easy to give us the answers, but she asked us if they would be the right answers for us. As quickly as she appeared, she vanished into the strange portal that nobody can seem to pass.

It is with this we reached the collective decision that we must find the Reliquary. I will devote the next few days to studying it, to see if I can possibly lead us in even the right direction.

Farewell for now, my friends.