10/25/18 Recap: Pages from Hektor's Journal, The Unwritten Pages and The Lost Soul [The One Academy]

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The One Academy

Day 12:
Today was strange, to say the least. As I scribble this page in an attempt to bring my journal up to date, a strange Orc named Guil sleeps in the corner on the other side of me wearing a ring bearing the emblem of a dragon and has lost his ability to speak. I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me recap this properly.

I called a meeting a few hours ago to tell every one of my discoveries and theories regarding the Reliquary. I have spent the last six days milling over books, scrolls, anything I can get my hands on. It wasn't until the fourth day of me digging through the endless shelves in The Academy that Orwain approached me.

"Hektor, my son. What is wrong? You look exhausted. What on Earth are you looking for?"
"I'm sorry. I and a few of my friends are searching for the Reliquary that Didascalos had spoken of." I explained. "I've yet to find anything of use.
He lowered his head and thought before looking up and giving me an odd stare, and nodding his head. "I know exactly the books you seek,"

He spoke to me with a sort of pride that just made me feel as though I was doing the right thing. He guided me through the halls of The Academy and took me into the classroom. He walked to a shelf to the right, and then to the left, pulling off two books before turning to me.

"I could tell you what these books say, but I rather you read them." He extended the books into my chest as I grabbed them.
"Thank you," I spoke as he pushed them into my arms.
"Do not worry, my son. I shall tend to my scrolls. We're writing history, too, you know?"

He walked away, his footsteps echoing through the halls. I began reading immediately. I obsessed over the books for the next two days before I finally pieced together the information and the possible location of the Reliquary. The first tome, "The Gods", is an old tome that details other lesser known Gods, and some Gods from other civilizations mentioned in history that exist outside of the mists, neither of which are mentioned today. A few pages are missing, and I'm not quite sure why, but I suspect the prior owner ripped them out for some reason. This tells me that there exist more Gods we do not know about, and I'm certain the pages still exist if they were not destroyed.

The first page of chapter three is printed Didascalos.

"Chapter 3: Didascalos (Demigod) The God of Thought and Knowledge

Didascalos was a man of high stature, known among the community as a gem amongst men. Despothes called forth his servant Donlos, and instructed him to find a man worthy of knowledge, so that they may shape their world and understand it. He scoured every town and village for this man until he happened upon Nahma, where Didascalos was born.

He took what he saw back to Despothes, and Despothes agreed that he deserved the gift of knowledge. He then summoned Misthos, God of Infinite Rewards, to grant him this gift. It was afterward he stayed with Didascalos for several weeks, teaching him all he needed to know about how to use his knowledge. He was instructed to choose eight people like himself, given a scepter to control his knowledge, and was instructed to build a Reliquary to its study, and it was so. He called it "The Reliquary of Shadow".

Demigod? How could this be? Despothes did say it was possible for humans to ascend to God, but this is new information. How come this was not more known? And what of his eight followers? I had to learn more, and now that I knew it was called The Reliquary of Shadow, and that Didascalos was a real man whom existed and was no mere legend, it opens up a lot of doors.

I began reading the next book, which was titled "Caer Fandry Folklore". At first, I thought they were silly. Mere children's tales. But one chapter did speak of Didascalos, and Orwain wouldn't give me a false lead. Not on purpose, at least.

There once lived a man with a scepter in his hand,
His name was Didascalos, and he worked every day, well almost.
He gathered lumber and stone, mortar and brick,
And said to himself: "This'll do the trick."
He loaded his things on the back of a cart,
And rode a caravan, south of the port. ("The Port" being Caer Fandry, I assume)
He came back several times, and each day seemed more wise.
He would leave out of town, and disappear into the mists,
Many kids tried to follow but returned in fit.
Where did he go? He was just over there,
Is he here? Nope, nowhere, or anywhere.
He can't be over here, that's Loch Dread!
Don't go in there, you'll end up dead!"
Didascalos would never be found,
And one day, he stopped coming to town.

It makes mention of Didascalos in the woods just south of Caer Fandry and quite often, and usually carrying supplies. It doesn't say it's the Reliquary, but I think we can assume that he was building it. It could be a mere folktale, but this was written well before others would have known of his gift. Perhaps there is more to this book of folklore? I will investigate it further for any relevance.

After I read this book to my audience, The Harbinger appeared once again. I assumed it was to shake us up again and scare us. However, he seemed different. He wasn't his usual self. This Harbinger was professional, calm, and… Kind of nice.

He came to us and explained his trip to The Academy was that he was advised to "show us" something, and offered to take three people of his choosing, which include me. I'm sure it was against his wishes, but he didn't stop me and another one from using low-level sorcery (my father always referred to this type of magic as "parlor tricks") to summon others. He brought us to a room wrought with disaster. The building was completely destroyed, and outside was heavily shrouded in mist. By the fireplace lay a man we assumed was dead.

"When Chesparin cast his magic spell, this room was one of the few places that were not affected. Allow me to explain further," It was at this moment we found a book that was blank, yet unscathed by fire, which was apparent by the soot on the walls. I pocketed the book hoping he didn't notice, hoping to see what it contained later on. He began to speak in circles and confuse us, so I've done my best to decode, simplify and shorten his message below.

"Technically, the events that unfolded here have yet to happen in this timeline, however, this town still appears in your timeline exactly as it appears on your old timeline. That book you just found, for example. It exists as it did in 1362 K.H."
To make this simple, this town was once known as York, and this tragedy happened after Chesparin cast his magic. It was also one of the few places that did not 'revert' to how it was in 1362 K.H. like the rest of your world did but was merely 'copied' to your timeline instead. It was once hidden in mist, but the mist opened up around it, revealing it to others much like what happened with your Avalon recently. Naturally, you've been sent back to a time where it is covered in mist once more."
"You see, Chesparin has interfered quite a bit with your timeline. Evidence of this is how The Fallows and The Konge have opened up recently, but on your old timeline, both were visible. Those lands that were shrouded in 1362 K.H. and became visible many years later were shrouded again once you went back to 1362 K.H."
The fact that they reappeared early, and before Avalon which was never visible to your old timeline, tells me that this timeline has shifted it's course dramatically, and one of the reasons you will never return to your old timeline again, but that does not mean that you are not slated to repeat certain events such as this."

It was most confusing trying to piece together everything he said and make complete sense of it, but this is it. I seem to have gotten a lot better at decoding his messages. Shortly after, he said his goodbyes and left us in a town that was drenched with mist without his protection from it, with the body in the corner. We checked for a pulse, and surely he was alive. We brought him to, healed him, and teleported back to West Leinster. Thank Enid that mortal magic worked here.

Upon entering The Academy, the Orc we rescued fell asleep at the table, where we then dicussed The Harbinger's words, and the possibility of him being one of the originlal Chosen Eight. We tried to use my solution on the book to reveal any hidden text as we have before, however to no avail. It wasn't until it was suggested that the book exists within our time, that it finally clicked. The book has yet to be written. If my theory is correct, as time moves forward, the book will fill with words. I think that's how this whole thing works, anyway. I will keep a close eye on the book and report any changes.

It wasn't until around an hour later, he awoke. He tried to speak but only dust came out, and when we gave him water, he wrote his name on a piece of paper: "Guil". Guil has seemed to lost his ability to speak, or never had one. I noticed a ring on his finger, which explains how he was able to survive for so long in that place, but does not explain how he has been safe within the mists.

He wore a Ring of Eternal Nourishment, but it bore the symbol of a dragon on the band. I took him back to my study and bid everyone a goodnight, with hopes that I can bring him back to health and try to find out more about what happened.

Until next time, my friends.