10/5/18 Recap: Pages from Hektor's Journal and The Army of Darkness [The One Academy]

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The One Academy

Day 4:
I had returned to Leinster from Avalon today. The events in Avalon had me perplexed, to say the least. I gathered a crowd and began to answer their questions about Avalon, if any. Little did I know about what we were in store for today.

We started the discussing by coming to the conclusion that the author of Myn's Diary was most likely a girl. A few explanation and analysis later, one curious attendant asked about Alexandra, and if she had also returned. It was unfortunate that I had to bear the bad news, and explain to them the situation regarding Alexandra. I was asked about the city she hails, which recalling from memory, I remember her telling me she was from Camelot, and she was training to be a Knight for the royal family before her disappearance into this world.

We then began to discuss the memories I felt after the trip to the void, which I can no longer remember. We discussed the void and it's potential to be a gateway to transcend other dimensions, or a portal of sorts where evil creatures and their masters enter and leave our world as they please. We even went as far to assume that perhaps if you stand within the void and utter a certain set of words, you too would be transported beyond our world and into that of one beyond our comprehension. Of course, this is mere speculation at this point. Perhaps I may return to Avalon some day and experiment with the void to see what other effects it could have on me.

I was asked about The Harbinger again. Curious fellow. I had actually seen him out looking for Alexandra before my return. As the day grew old, and the sun was preparing to go do whatever it is suns do at night, I saw a figure out of the corner my eye near that old temple uncovered in the woods. I looked to see what I'm fairly sure was the Harbinger once more. I ducked into a nearby bush, trying to see what he was doing. I'm man enough to admit I was a little scared out by myself.

But then something strange happened. He looked at me, as if he was looking into the depths of my one and very own soul, studying me, telling me that he knew I was watching him. As quickly as he turned his gaze upon me, he raised his hands into the air and phased from our world. Without magic, I have to carry a torch and spark it with flint and steel for light, which is exactly what I did. I investigated the temple to find absolutely no existence of The Harbinger, or any activity whatsoever aside from the lava bubbling and popping as lava does. He really did disappear into thin air…

But that wasn't the only strange thing that happened to me. Just today, during my meeting, a man spoke of some mysterious words I had never heard of before, and that's when it happened. We heard a deep voice from seemingly nowhere. I was called a fool, and the Army of Darkness was explained by the Harbinger himself as those who will come to our world, and finish where Duach will fail. Feeling rather terrified by this whole incident, we began to question him and his motives.

The Harbinger was as if he were cobble. He would not budge at all. He told me he has spoken with the mortals and told them of his origin, of his intent, and that it was to guide us. Down the path of darkness? Down the path of light? According to his answers to our questions, it was whatever we chose to follow, he would just make it happen.

Alexandra came up again shortly afterwards, as well as Chesparin. Not surprising. He explained, with his scratchy deep voice, that he could no longer see Alexandra after those around me had asked, and did not know of her whereabouts. We suspect she and Chesparin both might be a prisoner of his, and I did not voice this at the time, but I wonder if The Harbinger is behind the memories, and if they are even real or not, as a method of tricking Alexandra to run off so he could take her. Common belief is that wherever we find Alex, we will find Chesparin.

Of course, none of us could pass up the opportunity to ask him about to void. All he told us was that the void will come to light soon and that we shouldn't concern ourselves with things outside of our realm of knowledge, and there are certain actions in our world that can endanger our timeline once more, and that he would not stand for further meddling in what is considered “his business”. Many told him he was evil, or a deceiver.

Suddenly a dark and loud laughter could be heard throughout the academy, as it echoed through the halls. He then continued on to say Chesparin surely knew of such risks when he cast the spell, which was indeed forbidden in the first place. He reaffirms that, even though his intentions were good, it has summoned him. “Was he, too, evil? Has he also lead you astray?.” he asked of us. “What is chaos for the fly is life for the spider.”

“Where is your Chesparin now?” Another laugh filled the room as the room began to shake at the mercy of an earthquake. “Heed my warnings!”

As the laughter faded into the night, we were mostly stunned to say the least. I'm shaking just thinking about our experiences. It is with this I canceled the tome reading, and returned to my study to piece together more information as I can, and prepare the tome in my personal study to read at a later date. Until next time, my friends.