2/1/19 Recap: Tavis and The Memory Issues [The One Academy]

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The One Academy

Day 14:
I've returned to the Academy venturing only to the Reliquary as needed for resources. It's too much to carry, and I cannot live there. Simon has yet to be seen since he acquired the rod. Speaking of the rod, I'm now certain it is the artifact known as the Lunatic's Rod. Research from the Reliquary has lead me to believe there's nothing else that it could be. I'll include more details later in this entry.

Tavis has accompanied home and has suffered memory loss as a result of being encased in the crystal. I've made note of a pattern of memory loss in our land as of late, and it began with Alexandra. She lost her memory after coming here, and the longer she stayed, the more she lost. However, Tavis seems to be regaining his memory. I'm not so sure they're related, but it's worth noting that these have not been the only two cases of people who cannot remember their past once they've awoken, or arrived to our lands. Tavis, as an example, also came from another world from outside of our mist.

I hardly feel as though Tavis' appearance is related to our current situation of the Mists weakening. He was encased for quite some time. Before the Mist took that land as it's own, even. There could be a lot of information we can learn from him. He called a meeting to the Academy today. He never even waited for my arrival beforehand. I think I'm going to like having his can-do attitude around… I could use some help around here. Especially with all of the rumors that need double-checking.

At any rate, his meeting was quick, but something stuck out to me more than anything else he had to say. He had a recollection of his past. I have it written down somewhere…
"This morning, when I awoke, I vaguely remember in the past, being tasked to find a weapon, but I cannot remember what it was. Before you ask, I can't remember what the weapon was, but I do recall it was something of the highest importance. This feeling, the someone, it was like awe, so whoever tasked me must have been a very important being. I had flashes in my mind, not of the who, but what, and the urgency, without delay, silvery plate mail, perhaps I was a knight, or with knights? Maybe a King's quest? They were such vivid thoughts, passing so quickily, my ramblings are jumbled to those listening I am sure. Please forgive me, it is rarely easy to describe dreams, and visions when you awake."

What stuck out to me here was how we found the lunatic's rod in the crystal, which is an artifact level weapon. The rod has the ability to make those who wield it crazy, hence the name. Up until now, it's only been a mere rumor. The rod itself has untold power, as it has left nobody alive to tell the tale. However, the existence of this rod must mean that Lunah was never a legend, but she was also an ancient God who walked among us well before the dream time.

So if I were to put the math together, Tavis must have been sent here by someone to acquire the weapon, and given a special pack so he wouldn't touch it. The reason being unknown. The one who asked him of this favor could have been seeking out power for malicious purposes, or they knew what we were in store for… Which brings me back to Simon. Shortly after he acquired the rod, he spoke non-sense almost. Things I'm sure would disappoint Virulent. I believe he has taken up his own goal of ruling the world himself, and betraying Duach because of the rod's power. It is with this I am very reluctant to begin helping him crack the codes to the door in the Reliquary. If such a power is kept out wide in the open, what power could be locked away that only ancients are allowed to have? Is it worth the risk?

The Majick fellow was at the meeting, as well, and handed Tavis and I both gifts. I foresee him becoming a high mage one day with his knowledge. I will carry this symbol of Enid and this Perfect Rose as symbols of what it is I started working for. But if you told me mere months ago that I would be knee-deep in a wide-scale historical conspiracy, I would probably have agreed with you.

In addition to all of the events above, I also found a book that I feel important enough to copy into this journal entry, just in case the original is ever lost.

"The mist will surround several areas of interest in the coming years, I'm told by the Oracle. It's a well known fact that it has a mind of it's own at this point in our lives. It consumes whatever it desires, feeding off of it, growing stronger."

"I'm afraid that The Reliquary will be one of them. Avalon, York, Portmeirion to name a few that have already been taken by the mist. I do not know where our future lay, but we shall not abandon the Reliquary. It must be guarded with our very lives. The language to unlock the door into the deeper parts of the fortress can only be broken by those of who we can trust."

"When the day comes that they return, those who can save us from the mist, and those who can overpower him, we will see the light of day once more. We must believe that they have not forgotten about us, we walked among them as children, and they turned away from us. Not that we blame them… We deserved it."

"The only hope that keeps me going is that the Oracle is right about her, just in case they never come to our rescue. Hopefully, by then, she'll be enough."

Tavis had asked shortly after about Didascalos mentioning a "her"; "Could the Oracle be talking of Enid? She will come down and rescue us?"

I would like to reiterate that this is entirely possible. If I had to guess the time this book was written… The author made mention of Portmeirion, but York has very little mention anywhere even in legend. York was reportedly leveled flat by the Cardiff Dwarves during the war of the continuum, so perhaps we are misinformed? A lot seems to be up in the air right now about our history, my friends. What do we really know about our world? We now know that there are things beyond the mist. Land, sea, and people. And then there's this reoccurring theme of people entering our world but we can not even come close to the mist without being attacked, or worse… Lost.

It is with that, that it is my guess is these text were written sometime during the war of the continuum, which if that's true, the Reliquary would have been built way before then as well. Perhaps during the time of change? It would also explain why these books are basically falling apart at the slightest touch.

What doesn't make sense to me is the error in continuity. You see, this explains that three places were taken by the mist. But it doesn't say at the same time, or over time. Because according to legend, Avalon was taken by the mist well into the dream time. I have a feeling that we might be misinformed, or we're being lied to and taken for a ride. I highly doubt Didascalos would have gone through all of this trouble for some elaborate prank. Didascalos was a man of knowledge, which was given to him by Despothes.

We'll find out more as time goes on, I'm sure, but hopefully not before it's too late. The warnings seem to become closer and closer.

Until next time, my friends.