2/14/19 Recap: Pages from Hektor's Journal and The Warrior Lost in the Mists [Unknown Location]

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The One Academy

Day 15:
“Legends are being proven true, facts are starting to seem false. It appears that we've stumbled upon a mystery much larger than ourselves, and as time goes on, I fear our entire world.”

I feel I've never spoken truer words. We're still uncovering artifacts from the temple. The Archaeologist has been the most helpful, perhaps more than I. While I know a good bit of history, this man knows how to apply it. He's great at what he does.

Unfortunately my journal has suffered as a result of my new line of work. And as a result of that, I must condense two entries into one. My only spare time to write as of right now is in my tent with several others near a fire. It's hard to concentrate with such conditions. My bunk mate is rather humorous, always finding a joke where otherwise none would be found.

I continue to think of Alexandra. Did she make it home? Is she still out there? Lost, looking, unable to find her way neither home nor here. We've had snowfall since the last time she was here. I'm beginning to wonder if any rescue attempt would be a recovery at this point. I'm still young and youthful, however I've lost many friends. Yet, this one bothers me the most.

One told me that, “One of the hardest things to learn is that no matter how much we try, we can not control the actions of others,” and I agree. It's difficult to realize that even those you love are their own person, and capable of doing whatever they desire, despite your feelings otherwise.

In Avalon, several new associates have given me their word that they would be keeping a watch out for her on their travels, and one happened to find a page from a journal from her, laying in the woods underneath a tree that has been badly damaged from the weather, but was able to restore a bit of it.

I made mention of the letter in my meeting, but I was unable to read it. I lied and told them that it was an unknown author before changing the subject. I never read it during my meeting, but for the sole sake of keeping records and being open, I shall include a copy with this entry.

“I am unaware of the length of time I have been here in this world, but I am aware that my time is growing shorter sparing some sort of miracle from Enid. I think that's what they call her. With all of this snow, I struggle to stay warm and keep a fire going.”

“It is my intention to write myself a little biography should nobody find me, nor I find my way out. I will staple it to this tall, wide tree I've sat under for so long, relying on for protection before leaving in search of some sort of civilization.”

“I've met a good amount of people my short time here. Starrie, who took me in. Her husband who they call Ice, a funny one. Several of the shop keep, including Crow for putting me up until Starrie found me. The two men that found me dying in the woods and saved me. Looks like I'm leaving this world the same way I entered.”

“My name is Alexandra Belle, and up until a recent trip into Avalon, I forgot who I was. But now, all too late, I remember that I was born in Camelot to my parents Joseph and Meredith Belle, respectively. I wanted to be a Knight of the Round Table some day, under our king, King Arthur, and be a strong warrior like my Uncle Ritche Belle, who taught me the way of the sword. To honor his memory, of course. He lost his life in the Saurian War fighting for King Arthur.”

“He was a good man and inspired me to journey the countryside honing my skills to one day become a warrior like him, as he did, before joining King Arthur and his Knights.”

“I was pushed into this world by a cloaked figure I've never seen before, but many have told me it wore the robes of an ancient one, whatever that is. What I do know, is that I've not seen magic like theirs in my home. While magic exists, it was not as advanced as this, and many of these creatures here were mere legends until I was thrust into this world.”

“Should you find this letter before you find me, I was here. If the mists were not so thick, I would be able to give some sort of direction, but I will try to leave something nearby to signal my direction. And please tell Hektor that it is not his fault, because I know he is beating himself up over it, I am sure. It's okay. Personally, I found myself quite fond of him.”

- Alexandra Belle
The Warrior Lost in the Mists

After mentioning the letter, one informed me that she was seen wandering around Wen in a daze. Although I have allocated resources into investigating this matter, I have my doubts it was real. Even still, every lead is a lead.

Enough about Alexandra, for now. I have limited parchment, unfortunately, and must speak of other things. Tavis and I have spoken before about the Lunatic's Rod and it's ability to make those who wield it go insane. I've come to the conclusion with Tavis' limited memory of what happened, he was sent here by some type of royalty in search of that same rod. He was sealed inside of a crystal just the same as the rod, and I've yet to discovery why.

On that note, I've yet to discover what the crystals are, or what they're for. The only thing I know for sure is that they are not of mortal magic. The next step is to find out where Tavis came from, and who sent him, and if he's another from outside of the mists. I've noticed a recurring theme with people coming from outside of our mist, however we are still unable to leave. It's no secret the mists are wavering. They weaken by the day, from what I can only assume is the work of the anti magic aura in place by the high elves from when Chesparin would wander our world.

The crystals have also been compared to Duach's very own gift to the world: The Duach Crystal. It's theorized that Duach might be behind this. However, nowhere in history has Duach ever been known to simply “encase” things in crystals, and if he has, whatever for? Could anyone else be responsible? I have several resources of all of the new Gods, and only Misthos thus far at the Academy. Despite several Gods being mentioned in the Reliquary chapters, we have nothing on them to go on.

Other theories included Elphame and perhaps Duach himself. ”“One of the things Duach liked to seal among those crystals was portions of his rage,” said Majick.

However, if that were true, then why has he sealed Lunah's Rod, and Tavis, the man sent to acquire it? Obviously, so Simon could get the rod, no? Which still seems odd, because Simon has went somewhat off a deep end of sorts. This is also assuming Duach sealed them. Simon is hungry for power and I think he's going to betray Duach and take the world for himself… Or try. Who else could, if it wasn't Duach whose been known to work with crystals?

Clearly, the Lunatic's Rod exists. So Lunah must have been here, right? What if this is a ploy? What if she couldn't get it, she knew Simon would, what if shes more of a threat than we know? It's just a theory, but usually my hunches aren't always correct, but they point in the right direction.

Elphame loves Sorcery. But why would Elphame work in such a way? Shes a gate keeper for the underworld. She aligns with Duach, and she is the goddess of justice. Perhaps Duach is at the end of her justice? Who knows what's changed since the timeline stepped back so long.

Shortly after that discovery, Tavis had brought me in the Royal Commission from the King that got me into this mess at the new temple. I went ahead and attached a copy of that, as well, for the sake of record keeping.

“Hektor, after hearing from my many sources of your remarkable talents in research and after much thought, and even more so in your efforts in discovering the nature of our land, and the mists that surround them and why they are dwindling so suddenly, I am in no doubt that you are of the most eligible to receive this quest in your King's name."

"It is with this, I hereby grant you the honorary title of Head Scribe. In addition to your duties at the Academy, you will, by royal decree, be working directly for the city of Leinster. However, as I'm aware of your attachment of the Academy, I will not ask you to leave your new found home. The Academy needs you now more than ever."

"Congratulations, Hektor. I know that you will make me proud of my decision. You will be compensated for your time from here on out and you, The Academy, and your delegates will be under the protection of the crown.”

"With this promotion will come your first quest. I've heard from several reliable resources of yet another temple, much like the Reliquary you found, but it focuses in another area. There exists a highly guarded area, that with your new title, you and your delegates will be able to come and go as you please."

"Included is a map to the area. Please speak to one of my men, and hand them this letter, and do your best to make sense of the temple. They will fill you in on any details you require.”

“- King Nathanial Of The Royal Capital of Leinster"

I have to say what is odd about the included map map is that there are areas I'm not sure we've seen yet. I wonder if this is old data, assuming the areas are still there? I'm unaware if I am allowed to show others, so I wont be sharing a copy for now.

I must sleep for the night, I will continue this entry tomorrow night.

Until next time, my friends.
Caer Fandry