2/27/19 Recap: Pages from Hektor's Journal and The Temple Hidden by the Crown [Unknown Location]

Started by The One Academy

The One Academy

Day 15 (Continued):
My last meeting was in secret, as I wish for the King to not know I went against his wishes to keep our findings a secret, but I can't do that. I must inform the community and well… To be completely honest with myself, even I need help trying to figure things out from time to time. I must speak more of the temple I am in. After a good night's rest, I realize that I got a little ahead of myself with my previous entry. I must do better should I be respected as a scribe.

Upon our first arrival to the temple the King sent me to, you would have never known it was there. Matter of fact, if not for a guard stationed outside, I probably would have gotten lost. The kingdom has gone to great lengths to hide whatever is in this temple, and not only they, but I myself would love to find out why.

It's fairly ancient, even older than the temple found in Avalon. If I had to guess, maybe even older than the Reliquary, but I could be wrong. They allowed me through and I was greeted by an archaeologist. Strange, since usually people of this profession wouldn't necessarily need my help, right?

After a short introduction, he took me to the entrance, covered with years of vines and overgrowth. We explored the first area and found a broken statue that we believe to be a God, as it was among several other Gods that we do know have existed in the past.

The temple appeared to have been desecrated long ago with a lot of broken sculptures that are no longer recognizable. The various symbols found around this area were that of a crown, or so it would seem… The crown mentioned was covered in a wreath of sorts. A Wreath of Lavender.

I have been unable to find any symbol such as this in our history. There is no record of the symbol. It should be noted that Tavis was also unable to recall such a symbol. So I returned to the Reliquary for a bit. I looked for a lavender wreathed God, or anything close to it and found nothing of interest.

Searching the area we also found a broken necklace with a crown symbol on it. I also looked for this in the Reliquary, or any mention of an amulet such as this. It is indeed magical, but no wizard has been able to identify it. The amulet does appear that at one point it could have had a wreath on it, I would say. It might just be wear, however.

I also found a book in the Reliquary on Gods during it's active use, however, what is most alarming, is the pages missing from the book. And not just a few… I've counted dozens of pages missing. Torn, even. No tact, no effort to hide that the pages were removed.

I also checked with the King as well a few days prior to that meeting. Not even he has seen this symbol anywhere, nor have details of it's existence in his library. We also found an axe on the ground, next to a skeleton with a damaged skull. Upon examination of the axe, scales were found to be etched into the base of the blade on each side.

The handle has decayed, and the archaeologist himself has stated it looks as though it could be centuries of damage. Which is odd in itself. I know what you're thinking… A scribe, a king, and an archaeologist have no idea what these are, or where they came from. So how should you know? If you have any ideas, please inform me via magic mail, and I will investigate any theories indepth.

In addition to the Reliquary, Bodyguard has suggested to check other libraries in other cities. I figure it's worth a shot, although I doubt they would have anything we do not already have copies of. It was then one came to the conclusion, Krygh if I recall his name correctly, that perhaps the broken statue is the biggest clue.

I removed the smaller idol statue we found next to the larger statue, also broken. We believe them to have been a God of sorts. The skeleton on the floor wore the amulet, we've determined. The broken statue… I hate to say, it's rather embarrassing as a historian, but I'm unsure of who it could have been.

The statue is somewhat muscular, short hair, and a huge grin. Not much to really go on except for the little sword in it's hand. Who was this? As I've said, we're sure it at one point had to be a God, this doesn't fit Misthos description, either, who up until recently was legend until his two attendants appeared in our world. Several Gods mentioned throughout our history have never been cast in a statue or spoken about, but neither was Misthos and he is clearly among us.

The aforementioned God statues it was among were Xundall, who was a bit of an outcast according to legend. Eva, kind of like Enid in her kindness and love for nature and animals and Qedes, who could rival Duach and maybe even give him a run for his gold.

It was unanimously decided to do more research on the Gods that do exist and attempt to find out who the broken statue was through context clues. We could then theorize why someone would destroy their statue, and why that person would wear an amulet, what the symbol stood for.

The axe clearly represents justice, as the scales are generally used to represent fairness. So who bestowed justice, who was the person wearing the crown of lavender? So many things we have to look into, and we've yet to solve our current set of mysteries even.

I just keep reminding myself that perhaps if we get to the bottom of this, maybe, just maybe it will get us closer to figuring this all out. So far, the more we figure out, the deeper it goes. So much history that is unaccounted for. Putting the pieces back together with almost nothing to go on… It's difficult. Whose to say we aren't finding things that aren't really there?

For example, in my meeting, we came to a conclusion that Elphame bestows justice. But what if this occurred before she did? We are unaware. Assuming it was Elphame, Elphame has never used an axe. Why an axe? It doesn't seem right, it would be more likely if.. She gave it to someone to champion her cause…

Another theory was that Finvarra casted as secret Axe made for Elphame, which was given to Dauch. This could be very likely… What if Finvarra made her an axe, gave it to Duach, so that would give us motive. So why? Bodyguard was quick with the theory to kill a “Lavender Wreathed King”.

I'm not saying that's impossible, but we're not sure if he's a king yet, though. Just one lonesome soul who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The person who was "judged" was desecrating the temple. Destroyed a statue, of what we believe to be a God, by Duach. that would lead me to assume that this person was good, and was desecrating a dark aligned God.

So I think we can narrow our search to alignments now, which might just help. So could it have been Enid, or one of her devotees? A man who was good, doing a necessary evil? A good man judged for one wrong act?

I've never known a warrior of Enid to be quite so brutal, and I've never seen a man judged so harshly for simply doing what they thought was good. I feel this was more personal, perhaps. As if they were commissioned to do this.

These are the conclusions we kept coming to but felt unsatisfied, because there's still something missing. I feel if we find the crown of lavender, we'll solve this instantly… I hope. I must return to the reliquary – yet again - to search for this crown if I can find it. If not, I'll merely try to find out which God it could be by researching old Gods of our world and go from there to establish would it wasn't.

Until next time, my friends.