3/10/19 Recap: Pages from Hektor's Journal and Artifacts [The One Academy]

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The One Academy

A whole week I've spent in the Reliquary trying to dig up anything I could find with no success until just recently. Almost completely on accident, at that. I did manage, however, to finally post my journal to the Academy. Even if the entries themselves are slightly old.

I recovered a purple, leather bound book from within the Reliquary to showcase the community. With blank pages, the only notable part of the book is the note contained within it's cover. The letter itself was sealed with a purple wax seal bearing the same crown found upon the book's cover, covered with purple ink that seemed to react to light.

I felt uneasy opening a letter not addressed to me, but considering it's for record keeping, I must do what I have to.

"Dearest Daughter Enid,

If you are reading this letter, that must mean I have died, and a mist has shrouded the world. Impenetrable, it's design is to help protect our land from invasion from the four lands surrounding us, you know I will never leave a boundary unprotected! There is a great evil outside of our home, and those who try to seek it and destroy it. The Mist is a result of a sort of dead man's switch, that if I should perish, the spell would be cast instantly and protect those I can no longer protect in life. The other Gods have not necessarily been too accepting of my idea to close our world, locking not only those out, but those in as well. The children, such as yourself, are too young at my time of writing for this to make sense. Over time it may become more understandable, what I do is not out of evil thoughts, thou some others will think it an evil act.

Upon my death, I leave you several artifacts. My Staff, Hour Glass, Amulet, This Will, and My Baldric. As well you may seek my Lantern, it will light your way, always.
May light shine upon you, my perfect rose. I wish I could be there to see you blossom and become the full bloom.

Love, father.

"Upon reading this letter, the book should reveal it's true nature. It will explain in great detail the spell and how it came to be, and how it will come to pass. I trust only you with this information, keep it safe."

Here's my two coppers. The book is still blank, despite my reading of this letter. I think I have an idea as to why. This book is protected with not just any magic, but God magic. It is my understanding that only a God, more specifically, Enid herself would have to read this letter to break the spell over the book to reveal the pages within.

This is a ground breaking, outstanding achievement. We've finally discovered exactly where the mists came from. This is answering a question we've had since the dawn of time. The mists have also been responsible for several things. The original person credited with the creation of the mist was indeed the one known as The Shrouded One, from which he spawned monsters and wreaked havoc on our lands.

"He also spoke of four other lands as well. Perhaps they were at war at that time?" One suggested. The Saurian invasion is one that comes to mind. The Uplanders to the north as we've discovered by talking to a real Uplander who lives in Avalon, the Exedorians have appeared several places in our history before, as well as a few other groups of people. There is a legend of three kingdoms, as well, but they've only ever appeared in fairy tales.

I've also found more resources in the Reliquary that tell us who the statues were of, but not much else. They all mention beings with power, the "Old Gods", I've come to refer to them. The ones before Enid, Duach, Despothes… And so on.They had to have come from somewhere, right? I'd never dream of finding books about them, however. They're mere mentions, but it's enough to go on. Out of the several statues in that temple, from memory, I've been able to identify the one statue that IS broken. The only statue that was harmed, was in fact, a statue of Xundall himself.

I also suspect the carving we found next to it was unfinished, adding to it's decaying look. It would explain why it is so… Difficult to make out. But the amulet we found also had the crown of lavender, or so we thought was lavender. It's just a purple wreath with a crown in the center, but the damage mislead us. I'm assuming that this Could very well be the fabled amulet he spoke of. His will as well would also be part of the artifacts. I'm unsure of how the will itself is an artifact, but with it's ability to reveal the book, I can't say it isn't.

I will try to dig up more details on the other Gods mentioned in these books. Qedes interests me, in particular. In the words of of someone at me meeting, I believe somewhere referred to them as Cannon-fodder. What an odd way to address someone. Qedes is another language for "The Coming". Rather curious. My next quest will be to meet before the King, of course. I will hear of his next orders and follow them accordingly.