5/31/18 RECAP: Grave Matters (Finvarra's Fortress - Ivory Moon Café)

Started by Jace


In the presence of a small crowd gathered at the eatery plaza, a man known only as Chesparin announced that the last remaining lord of The Realm had passed away in secret, leaving no heirs or lasting alliances behind with which to combat the machinations of the gods and their sovereign battles across the face of The Realm. As the crowd wondered about either his sanity or ways in which to assist in this desperate situation, he devised a fairly devious plan that involved consuming the lifeforce of every living being within the Realm, in order to power a spell that would allow him to transfer to the past and prevent certain cataclysmic events that portended the gods' rise to power and the fall of The Realms' leaders. In lieu of this proclamation, opposition presented itself in the form of an avid follower of Duach, snidely regarding Chesparin's plan as foolish and a waste of time. Swearing to avenge The Realm and stop Duach's lasting hold, Chesparin departed to make preparations, and hopefully create a better future than The Realm currently knows…

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