6/2/18 RECAP: Return to Before (Finvarra's Fortress - Gnarled Leg Tavern)

Started by Jace


Setting his plan in motion, Chesparin and his familiar, Melfindi, activate the forbidden spell and eclipse the current iteration of the Realm, splitting the timeline in two and sending one version back by what he presumes is seventy-five years into the past, intent on finding the cause of the future's deterioration and domination of Duach and the other gods. He finds himself at the Gnarled Leg Tavern in Western Leinster, and takes a moment to catch his bearings over a tankard of ale. Drawing up a conversation with the locals, he is somewhat surprised to find that a few of them remember him from a short time before the fated invocation, and are, themselves, appalled at the fact that they remember who they are, but nothing of what they were. In his attempts to dissuade their anxiety over the proposal of a new future and what obstacles lie ahead, Melfindi suffers light harassment due to her fish-out-of-water placement within the busy tavern, and it dawns upon Chesparin that this racial discrimination may be one of the primary keys to the future's salvation. He proposes attempts to discover the underlying tensions that may exist between the Elves, Humans, and Giants (among any others the may be feuding), and despite returned jabs about the futility of his efforts, he rallies the patrons of the tavern into looking forward to a brighter future for the Kingdom, keeping 'The Realm' in consistent terminology for the sake of less confusion. His first task: meet with the current lord of Leinster, and determine the capital city's state of affairs.

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