7/14/18 RECAP: Small Victories & Small Reunions (Finvarra's Fortress - Bard's Tune Tavern [Ch.2 Roleplay])

Started by Jace


Over the course of several days (and with a few helping hands), Chesparin successfully thinned out the scourge of undead and imps that plagued the trade road between Leinster and Kurz, aiding caravans and merchants alike in their ability to safely provide commerce between the two locales. Taking a moment for himself, he and Melfindi retreated to the Bard's Tune Tavern in Leinster for a drink, and happened to bump into Keldara already present. Commenting on his success at rooting out a good number of the hostiles hampering Leinster/Kurz Road, Chesparin again lamented about the major troubles yet to come, mentioning specifically the dubious regards that the major races within the Kingdom had for one another. A patron by the name of Alexandra happened to mention similarities about Chesparin's fears regarding the Realm, stating that she had undergone recurring dreams that involved dark figures and ruinous intent. Both she and Keldara pressed him for assistance they could offer, to which he broadly referred to a general plan of tension-easing that involved potential acts of goodwill toward the capitals of the Kingdom, namely those of Usk in the north, Asgard in the west, Leinster in the east, and Murias in the south. He declared that he would continue working under that intent as well, but would likely take a less-direct approach, perhaps involving reconnaissance to find underlying issues that may not have been overly obvious to the general public.

In the midst of this conversation, Melfindi was shocked to discover that one of her feyan sistren, Siofra, had found her way to the establishment. Excited by the reunion, the two exchanged stories of forthcoming and past incidents, with the forming recounting her bipartisan relationship to Chesparin and the latter glumly admitting the the torturous past she endured leading up to her escape and current situation. Despite the opposing sides regarding humanity at its best and worst, Melfindi attempted to encourage Siofra and suggest that the worst was behind her, and that she should find someone who is inclined toward doing the 'right thing' just as she was, even if they "can be a jerk sometimes" (spoken word for word). Promising to keep in better contact now that she was freed from her imprisonment, Melfindi left to regroup with Chesparin (as he had left prior), leaving several of the tavern inhabitants wondering just how much they could help fulfill this budding prophecy, if at all…