7/15/18 RECAP: Rumors of the High Elves (Finvarra's Fortress - Bard's Tune Tavern [Ch.2 Roleplay])

Started by The One Academy

The One Academy

It was particularly hot and humid in town today, the kind of day where the sun tinges the skin and heat radiates off of the ground causing illusions in the air above it. The Bard's Tune pub wasn't particularly full, but it was far from empty - People from all over looking for a somewhat cold drink of water gathered here.

The quiet was pierced by a door slamming open, and our own Alexandra was the cause. She came bearing news of the recent change in magic. Or rather, news that she had already heard elsewhere: As it turns out, Elves everywhere suddenly began to cast duds, or just very weak spells in general. The reason for this is that the high elves in the Northern Steppes heard of Chesparin's quest to change the future and prevent the God's takeover. Acting on their own accord, they created an Anti-Magic Aura over the Realm, in hopes to weaken the God's draw on mortals to delay their rise to power, if not the God's themselves.

However, the elves knew of this risk. Weakening the mortals would also weaken them in a fight against the deities, so they crafted fabric from an extremely rare elven material. They crafted it into clothes for the mortals to help boost their magic back to where it was, however, still weaken the draw on them. Unfortunately, the caravan carrying the clothes they made was hijacked by evil creatures vying for it's power. It's because of this, the fabrics can now only be found on random creatures throughout the Realm.