8/26/18 Recap: Who is The Harbinger?

Started by The One Academy

The One Academy

Late afternoon, the mysterious black-clothed Orc phased into existence in front of the alter in the Smiting Memorial at the same time that the air at the feet of those in his presence grew colder, slithering across the ground like a common snake giving those around him a feeling of dread and fear.

Standing against the Alter with his hands rested flat on the surface with one foot in front of the other, he scanned his audience. His face was scared and his eyes were black with deep red pupils. Surely this was a man of evil intent, many thought. "I'm sure you all have questions," He asked. He spoke with a deep, garbled voice as though he crawled from the depths of hell himself. Silence struck, cut only by the sound of cicadas singing in the distance and the occasional bird chirping in a nearby tree.

"I'm so used to questions of my existence, you must forgive my manners. I have no name," He began with an introduction, shifting one foot in front of the other. "I exist everywhere, and nowhere at once. I come to you today bearing a form you may comprehend, as if you were to gaze upon my true self, your very existence may come under question."

"Lately a mortal possessing a forbidden magic has split your timeline by going back in time 75 years, and that you may know him better as Chesparin. I should not have to express my distaste for his actions, however mortal free will is something difficult to comprehend and control. But be forewarned, for every action, there is a reaction, and everything comes with a cost, and you must understand that everyone in this timeline will unfortunately have to pay this price.""

"I have the ability to see every possible outcome in many timelines much different than your own. However, I can no longer see the possibilities of this timeline. Your old timeline exists, and remains current. It was because of this that I could see your entire future, playing out exactly the same as the original, eventually merging into your old time line. This is the law of The Universe. Now that your future is different, I can no longer see what is unwritten. Your existence is an undocumented, undestined one, but it does not make your existence illegitimate."

"However, something this Chesparin did. He spoke with your Lord, your King, the overseer of your Capital Leinster. He told him the truth, that he came from the future with a timeline of events yet to happen and knowledge only he would know if he were legitimately from the future. He garnered support, but unfortunately…"

"Are you familiar with a chaos theory that your world has come to know as 'The Butterfly Effect'? The theory is simple. It is the belief that one small action, like squishing a bug, can change the course of an entire history, and this is what your Chesparin has done. There was an Earthquake earlier, but this was no Earthquake. What you felt was the ripple in time that he created, making your new timeline permanent."

"It was done with Human Free Will. This is given to you by a power much higher than I. My job is to make sure that things such as this do not happen. The reason that this sort of magic is illegal in the first place is because anything that gives mortals the ability to meddle with the flow of time is extremely dangerous. They have a very limited, basic knowledge of time." He picked his head up and continued with a fresh draw of breath. "If you want to be technical, this is my fault, however I will mention again that free will is a very complicated thing to control directly, particularly with unplanned existences."

"Everything you do from now on is permanent. As splitting timelines is clearly possible, it is possible for this to split again, however I am here to make sure that it doesn't. Just because it was created against the wishes of the universe, does not make it an illegitimate timeline. Therefore, it falls under my responsibility just as the others. I can not give you information that would alter the timeline even further, as this may distort an already sensitive existence. The decisions you make will create this future, and I do not want to be the reason for your suffering."

"From the things I am able to see, and considering your old timeline and the possibilities, I have calculated that something once lost long ago, will have been found again. Something once asleep will be awoken once more. It will happen soon enough to warrant my visit today. The forces you are destined to deal with are rivaled only by the most powerful."

"I would like to make some suggestions to you all. I've come to understand your Chesparin has gone missing. I've also watched as your Alexandra and your Simon mount a hunt for them, only to meet during the search. Both with their own intentions, they fought in the woods, where Simon spared her life after a brutal combat. You see, the universe has a way of correcting abnormalities. Your Chesparin is in a place where I cannot see. I cannot tell you if he is alive or dead, and that searching for him at this point may or may not be the end of your life. I suggest, unless otherwise accompanied by numbers, be cautious about searching for such a place- You might just find it."

"My next and last suggestion would be that no matter who you are, which land you originate, if you do not band together, your suffering will be guaranteed. If that is what you wish, then that is how you choose to use your free will, and you will know when change has come. I will be watching closely. I hope you will make a decision that will give you favorable outcomes, but so long as this timeline does not split again, I ultimately can not be bothered with your outcome."

Rain began to fall from the sky, darkening the world around them. The flames at the base of the alter struggled to dance in the rain. The Harbinger than looked to the sky, raising his arms before fading away slowly into a thin mist, lost to the air around them.