9/26/18 Recap: The Mysterious Tomes and the Girl Who Transcended The Mist [The One Academy]

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The One Academy

It was a slow day for The Academy when Hektor - Orwain the III's personal assistant - had been taking an easy day. Whilst reading through books as he can always be found doing, he discovered a diary written by Myn, and felt it enough of a discovery to announce, and drew a small crowd in to read it to them and see what they were to make of it.

After the reading, several people, including Hektor began speaking of various empty books hidden in the wilderness that are found more often then not by slaying monsters. When one book was handed to Hektor, they arrived to the collective idea that these tomes might hold more secrets than what it may seem.

Realizing this, Hektor left the academy for several days to return to his home town of Arimathor, to study methods of obscuring text from ordinary view. As it turned out, there were several different methods, including magic. However, the most common of methods involved using an ink made of a special solution that, when dried, was invisible to the naked eye. The only way to reveal this invisible ink was to add another solution which would cause a reaction, revealing the hidden text.

It was after this Hektor commissioned an alchemist friend he had known from his days in school, who had the solution to his problems. He gave Hektor several vials of various colored liquids, and told him to mix them quickly. Shortly after his meeting with his alchemist friend, he began the trek to his new home in Leinster, where he stayed for a night before attempting his discoveries on the book.

The day finally came to test their theory. He called the people to the Academy to sit with him and experience his findings first hand. After mixing the chemicals together, a vile stench filled the room as the beaker began to smoke. With bated breath and hope that it wouldn't damage the book, and a test page later, they discovered the solution was barely effective. However, some text was noticeable. The young Alexandra, as shy as she was the day she first come to The Realm, suggested heat.

Everyone was rather opposed to the idea, as heat would have surely damaged the book. When several people cast upon Hektor a spell of fire, his hands grew warmer. He pressed his hands against the pages in prayer to the Gods that it would work, and it was so. He lifted his hands from the pages to reveal dark, clearly legible text on the pages. “It worked! She's a genius!” Hektor exclaimed proudly. They then began to read the pages one by one, applying the solution and heat to reveal the next page.

“Okay lets see, first page…” Hektor said under his breath, concentrating on the pages before him.

“Once upon a time in a faraway land surrounded with water, untouched by human sin such as greed, lust, wrath and envy, people were living the lives of complicity. Nobody cast down judgment upon others be them mortal or mage. There were no kings except for the Gods themselves who walked among their people as mortals.”

“Nowhere in this land were human ailments such as hunger, sickness, death or war. The land was fertile, green, and there were no deserts to be seen. The people of this land were comprised of humans with the ability to cast magical spells, by fairies, by elves who lived within the forests and even dwarves.”

“Avalon was a beautiful land, until one night, not much unlike this one, a brand new threat arose from the ashes. Humans and their sin from other lands far away heard tales of their bounty on the wings of birds, and wanted it for themselves. These evil were known as The Uplanders.”

“The Uplanders were always described the same way: tall, fair-colored, cruel and mercilessly strong. They pillaged and destroyed anyone who would not convert to their way. It brought to the lands much anguish and suffering. The Uplanders brought with them their greed, which caused the misery and bloodshed of thousands of innocents who mean nobody else harm.”

“The Gods of these beings encouraged their followers to defend themselves from The Uplander onslaught, which caused a rift that tore apart these lands and thrust them into the mists forever, never to be seen again. With this arose yet another threat from the mists; unspeakably mean, terrible monsters arose from within the mists and ascended onto our world we call The Realm. Legend has it that the person responsible for this will come back a second time to haunt our lands, and bring about with him another onslaught of vicious, vile monsters and wreak havoc on our lands.”

“It is said that if you sit on the shores of our Realm on a quiet, calm night and stare off into the mists off in the distance, you can still to this day hear the screams of war and suffering coming from within.”

“These screams of anguish serve as a warning to us all. Heed this warning, for his return is slated in prophecy. I can only pray that this message makes it to the right people before it's too late.”

Hektor flipped through the pages, ending on the last one and looked around him. “Avalon,” he said, shaking his head. “I can't believe it.”

People were in a state of disbelief as to why someone would hide something such as a warning so nobody would find it. Several came to the conclusion that it was to keep it from a certain person from discovering the warning. Others dismissed it as mere tale until Hektor looked down at the book, on the last page, was written a name: Didascalos. He held it up for all to see.

"I've never heard of that name before…" one person remarked.
"Didascalos, was, according to legend, a man from a place called Nahma. He was hand picked by Despothes' faithful servant Donlos after scouring the world for someone worthy. He was then, at the request of Despothes himself, bestowed upon the knowledge of the principals of things by the God Misthos - The God of Infinite Rewards. Things that would have taken us a thousand years to learn." Hektor explained.

With a quick introduction into who Didascalos was, everyone present agreed that the tomes hold more messages, and are a key to deciphering the clues left behind. During the clamor, Alexandra brought silence to the room when asking about the Mist. She explained her situation to Hektor, about how she fell off of a cliff into a pool of mist when afterwards she awoke in The Realm. Glancing up, she made out a cloaked, hooded figure who stood on the ledge looking below dressed in unusual clothing.

Hektor, with the inability to actually explain why this happened, grabbed a book from the shelves and asked her to identify the being she saw, who later turned out to have been wearing the robes of an Ancient One. As told by legend, they have been long forgotten in the lands. With a single glint of light under his hood, she couldn't make out anymore details than that. Suddenly, some opposed of Alexandra's presence in the Realm. Locking her up for either answers or protection became a viable solution, while others fought for her freedom and gave her their blessings.

“Will I ever find a way home?” She asked with tears welling in her eyes.
“I'm sure of it,” Hektor said in an attempt to stay positive. “But be forewarned, the Mists are rather harsh and impassable. You may never actually find your way home, Miss…”

Alexandra then ran from the Academy in a clear state of agony. The others who remained began plotting to decode as many of the tomes as they could find, and to discover a way to send Alexandra home and a way to stop whatever force was coming. Hektor then put all of the tomes in his backpack. “These should stay with me for now." He remarked, before leaving The Academy.

-Hektor Conroy, The One Academy