??/??/??: A Meeting of Minds [Undisclosed]

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The One Academy

Somewhere within the depths of Kurz, a meeting takes place between several unknown individuals well out of the way of anyone who might happen upon them by chance. While a once-great city was now inactive and quiet, it is a perfect place for such activities to go unnoticed.

“How could you let this happen, you had one measly job!” Shouted the leader.

One swallows the lump in his throat before responding. “M-My liege, it was unavoidable. We did all we could. We planted the false evidence with real evidence to throw them off, as instructed. We cannot help it if the locket-” He was swiftly cut off from proceeding further.

“Excuses! All the excuses! You know the deal, and who we've sealed it with. 'The locket' this, 'The locket' that. It made Hektor sick because of the curse placed upon it, right? So why is it giving the outsider memories of things otherwise unknown?!

I thought we destroyed all of those documents. How, pray tell, does she even have the locket anyway?” Another grunt piped up. “I bet that it was that strange kid he has with him, the one that came from the crystal.” He continued. “He took it from Hektor before it had the chance to send him into early retirement.” He placed his hands on the table and leaned over while facing the group. “So how are we gonna fix it, boss?” He asked.

A slender Elven man dawned in dark purple robes stands from within the group after the previous inquiry. “Alexandra does not belong here. The universe has a way of correcting things, my liege. Worry not of her, or the one known as Tavis. Hektor is the closest threat.”

“Ciren, were you not the one tasked with the hex upon the locket in the first place, how come it failed? That was sloppy magic.”
“Tsk. Respect your elders, mortal, and watch your tongue. We need more power from him. To throw them off in the wrong direction has proven most challenging, but it has bought us enough time. May I suggest more… Drastic measures, my liege?” He hisses, ending his question in a rather obviously sarcastic tone.

Now sweating more profusely than before, his underlings lower their heads with no remarks. The leader looks over them and shakes his head. “Pathetic,” he quipped, before turning around with his arms behind his back. “Do whatever it is you need to do. Get rid of the opposition, as we did with Chesparin. They are weak now, they do not even have any answers to the questions they seek. The warrior is a rookie at best, and the scribe struggles to hold a quill as of late. Make it happen.”

The henchmen bow their heads. “Yes, boss.” before running out of the secret hideaway. Ciren remains and presses further. “Take my word, my liege. This world is slated to end in one way. It ended this way in the old timeline, and it will end the same here. I have seen it unfold. We remain victorious in every outcome. The mist, the whole world will be…” He then slinks away into the shadows before disappearing completely.

“…All Ours.”

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