Doubt Under Avalon

Started by Calloway
Calloway (Staff)

Day 245: Excavation Site C

I almost lost these field notes. Such a fool. I blame it on exhaustion, but in truth, it’s likely because I’m distracted. There is something here. I can feel it.

A big payday? That’s what I tell the rest of the dig team. I want to believe it, but I know it’s a lie.

We have been pulling out some quality gems lately though. Two rare crystals and a legendary. 26.0 stones in total weight, but that gold specimen is in a league of its own. With a find like that, I’m glad I brought on the two adventurers as our muscle.

I told the others that I hired the two swords to take down any thieves we bump into down here. Another lie.

I am uneasy and their presence is a salve on my fear. Been that way since we started excavating site C. Avalon is famed for its mysteries, but something just feels − off. It started with a cold tingling behind the neck and a silent promise of riches. Now, I swear I can hear a ritualistic chant echoing down the caverns.

Morale is dwindling. Maybe the others feel what I feel. I try my best to remain cheerful, but the rest of the dig team is sharp. They know there’s no reason to be down in C. The crystals were practically raining down on us in A, even after it slowed down. I only guess that no one’s spoken up because they don’t want to insult my judgement. That itself lends me some strength.

We’re below the grasslands solely due to my selfish curiosity. I hope it is not my undoing. Our undoing.

-Calloway Delwinn
Lead Archaeologist