Ichor, the Cursed

Started by The Leinster Herald
The Leinster Herald (Staff)

Criminal Profile

Name: Ichor

Crime(s): Black Alchemy

Known Accomplices: None

Last Known Location: East Leinster

Background: Ichor was a gifted student of the Arcanum, the prestigious elven academy of Drune. Though brilliant in the art of alchemy, his academic disciplinary record demonstrated that he persistently sought power through nefarious means. Ichor was summoned before the Council Grandmasters to answer for accusations of performing alchemy that was expressly forbidden. He was deemed unfit to continue his studies as an alchemist in Division III of the Arcanum and was expelled immediately prior to the occurrence of the event known as the Fenlon’s Curse incident.

This record reflects the testimony of student Renevir Qiric during an interview conducted by the Arcanum Council following the event.

Renevir found Ichor where he suspected, in the abandoned supply room. The musty smell always made him feel like he needed to bathe afterwards, but it was a great place to get away from everything.

“I just heard the news. I can’t believe they were that harsh on you,” said a consoling Renevir.

“I tried to warn y–.”

“I know,” interrupted Ichor.

“You always try to push the boundaries. I guess it’s too late to lecture you now though.”

He was surprised to see that Ichor was busy setting up an alchemical preparation. Two candles were already lit under an angled glass vial held by an iron frame, heating a dark viscous mixture toward its boiling point. An acrid odor began to overwhelm the supply room, causing his eyes to water.

“The Grandmasters want us only to be neat little cogs on their orderly wheel of commerce,” said a distracted Ichor.

Renevir’s initial urge was to counter this statement, but he held his tongue. Ichor did have a point.

“Why resign ourselves to merely shift and shield?”

Ichor’s amused eyes met with Renevir’s.

“I seek Mist and mayhem,” Ichor proclaimed.

With unease rising in his chest, Renevir glanced over the remaining preparations on the table. He froze when he spotted a vial of condensed night and a holy symbol of Enid. Worry suddenly weighed on him.

“Ichor! You’ve already been expelled. That mixing isn’t just forbidden. It’s criminal!” cried Renevir.

“I have to leave soon anyway, so I might as well finish what I started. You don’t want to be here for this.”

Renevir reluctantly left Ichor on his own. Minutes later, in his dormitory, Renevir noticed the candlelight dimmed. A haunting combination of melodic singing and ominous laughter filled the hallway. He sprinted back to the supply room, threw open the door and couldn’t believe what he saw. Shrouded by thinning smoke, someone stood at the far end of the room, staring back at him. A stranger wearing Ichor’s robe and Division III hat.

“Who are you? Where is Ichor?”

Renevir wasn’t looking at the friend he knew for many years, the prodigy with a pale elven complexion to match his own. He was glaring at an orc with skin the color of smooth charcoal. The familiarity of the stranger’s eyes confirmed his growing fear.

“I – I, uhm,” said a stunned Ichor, his usual arrogance absent.

“What have you done?! You need to get out of here at once! The Council will have you in chains. You will be put to trial!”

“I failed,” Ichor solemnly muttered.

Renevir stormed the room and slapped Ichor hard across the face. A crowd began to assemble at the door, shoving at each other and shouting for a Council Grandmaster to appear. Renevir ran back to the door and slammed it shut.

“Ichor! Go now!” pleaded a resolute Renevir.

Gripped by failure and bewilderment, Ichor stood still. It wasn’t until he heard the sharp orders to open the door by a Council Grandmaster that he began to hastily gather his alchemy supplies from the table. He looked up at Renevir, who was struggling to reinforce the wooden door with his back.

“Renevir. Thank you.”

Like a bat in mortal peril, Ichor leaped face-first through a glass window. A shadow freed from the clutches of consequence. Renevir slumped to the floor, unable to fully process the rapid events. The door burst open and the room flooded with furious Grandmasters and curious students. Amidst the chaos, Renevir blankly stared at the floor. Broken shards of glass were all that remained of his friend.

Following the incident, Renevir was placed on academic probation for aiding in Ichor’s escape. Despite the many searches that followed, Ichor was never again seen in Drune.

Update: This past Fall, Ichor was located and detained in the Emerald Forest near Caer Fandry but escaped custody. Latest reports are that an orc matching his description has been identified roaming around the Capital wearing broken manacles and spouting nonsensical statements. If seen, proceed with extreme caution.