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The One Academy

Good evening once more, my friends. Since my time in the Academy, many things have happened. Many confusing, unanswered questions have surfaced with few answers. Many answers have raised more questions than before. Odd events the likes of which I have yet to read about in any truly accurate account of history. Thus I have decided to compile many highlights of our recent adventures into one entry. As always, I welcome all of your questions. I will try to keep this as brief as possible!

Our current iteration of The Realm all started with Chesparin. He saw the Realm had reached a point of no return. The God's ruled with an iron might and capitals such as Leinster became ghost towns. They concluded that, the only way to fix the problem would be to invoke an ancient ritual spell that would send them back in time but at the cost of splitting the timelines.

Chesparin and his fairy companion Melfindi depart on their adventure. Around the same time, a girl only known as Alexandra appears in the Realm with an intense case of amnesia after, as she claims, "falling into our world from hers through a thick cloud of mist after she was allegedly pushed by a man in white robes."

The One Academy is constructed, and I begin an internship as Scribe and local historian.

Chesparin and Melfindi go missing, and to this day remain unaccounted for. The worst is assumed.

Alexandra launches a search and possible rescue of the pair and finds only Simon, priest of Duach and his band of followers lurking in the woods for the same two entities to stop them, to regain control of the land as they did in "Despothes Grove". Simon defeats Alexandra but spares her life.

It is discovered that various blank tomes dropped around the Realm actually contain hidden texts. A warning from one aforementioned tome warns of the return of the one responsible for the attacks of the monsters of the mist in the first place, and mentioning Avalon several times. A place of mere legend. Avalon, as if we were reading a prophecy, then reveals itself from the within the mists after it inexplicably recedes from around the island.

Alexandra is drawn to the idea of Avalon, and I was promoted to Scibe. So, I took up travel to Avalon to study it's history with Her. She begins to have flashbacks of Avalon, and recalls that it is an ancient island off of the coast of her old home, triggering realization that she's not far. She begins a futile journey trying to return home out of desperation despite my pleas to stay, and goes missing in action.

The Mists recede further, revealing the The Konge and The Fallows once more. We arrived at the collective belief that The Mists is being disrupted somehow. On the same day, a portal mysteriously appears in Leinster with an equally mysterious woman looming around it bearing foreboding messages to me. A younger Prophet Herald is sighted in Despothe's Temple but makes no call, no attempts to reach followers. It is currently assumed the Prophets and the Gods themselves are merely watching, bearing no messages.

The Reliquary appears after The Mists recede more, further giving credibility to previous texts regarding The Reliquary and the existence of Didascalos. Virulent appeared in the temple of Duach and summoned Simon, Priest of Duach, to tell his followers Duach has given him a vision of the Reliquary, and informed him that now is their chance to learn the secrets of the Mists and finally, after many years of failed attempts, control the Mists and rule the world.

Simon leads the followers of Duach to the Reliquary of Shadow in the search for powerful artifacts. Simon and his party makes note of a dragon that can be seeing flying far above the area, slowly circling. Simon and his party also make note of a light blue crystal spinning outside of the Reliquary containing the silhouette of a human. Simon retrieved the Lunatic's Rod from inside of the Reliquary, giving him untold power, but begins to drive him insane and causes him to stray from Duach, wanting to rule the Mists for himself.

Simon and his party inadvertently awaken a mysterious figure who never identifies himself other than "The Shrouded One". It was shortly after that he made a proclamation that he’ll begin his work by destroying the current pantheon, and carving a new Realm out from the Mists. We have yet to hear from "The Shrouded One" again.

A man known as Tavis - who has been beyond helpful with my work - then makes his first appearance from within the blue crystal that was discovered outside of The Reliquary, spinning but cracked. He has no memory of where he’s from or how long he’s been encased. Offers he will return once he remembers something and wanders off into the woods. I begin studying books in The Reliquary.

Weeks would pass before, without notice, I would be promoted to Capital Scribe by the King of Leinster and assigned orders to explore a long abandoned cave that has been hidden away with magic for quite some time. I found a strange artifact within the caves. A locket, among a few others, but the locket in the end drove me to the brink of insanity, I'm told. I became a shut in, and Tavis would pick up where I left off, holding quests for ingredients and other various methods to identify this and other artifacts and purifying them.

Tavis arranges for a rescue team to be sent after Alexandra. She has since been found and has accepted her fate in our new land and has called The Realm her new home.

Alexandra receives the locket, the magic of which floods her with memories. Visions of the Goddess Enid creating the Crystal Caves underneath Avalon to save people from the initial spread of The Mists, which was created inadvertently upon the death of her father, "Xundall", who was murdered by two unidentified assailants. Those in the caves did not quite make it, and became crystallized much like Tavis. Crystals such as these are now believed to be remnants of God magic. Enid nor anyone else was aware of what caused The Mist or how it is sentient. There is allegedly a large dragon who lives within the Mist, who is now referred to as "The Mist Dragon", which bears Xundall's spirit essence. If her visions are true, it would truly be a breakthrough for our world.

Until next time, my friends.

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