The Hiraeth Letter

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The One Academy

Browsing through his study, a certain out of place book catches Hektor's attention. "This book should be over there," he sighs. He makes a grab for the book to return it to it's proper location, but instead notices that sticking out of the pages appears to be a letter. "That's odd." He says aloud.

Dear Father,

I am unsure if you will ever receive this, or if I will even see you again. I am well informed that it is unlikely of either, however I must attempt. There are many things I wish to say, but I must be brief. If you are ever to receive this letter, I am under the impression I am… Adjusting well. Let it be known that my disappearance was not intentional. I simply stumbled here on accident, and it is impossible to venture home.

The land I am in is surrounded with a magical barrier of sorts that prevents anyone from coming or going. At any rate, it is referred to by it's inhabitants as “The Realm”. There are several things about The Realm that I find charming. One worth mentioning is the kindness I see in many here. Upon first arrival here, I found myself afraid of the unexpected, the new to me but old to time, the… Misunderstood.

Orcs are not monsters as old fairy tales might have you believe. Elves are not always good with magic or crass. Giants are not always hungry for people and brutal, and Humans are not always so keen on ruling the world, although some may think as much. Sure, there will always be “the exception” in some, but that's all it is.

In this world full of love, I have noticed a strange but small amount of hidden fear. The feeling of captivity, as if this is all they have ever known, and all they ever will. The desire to learn more, but willing to accept as is leads me to believe that perhaps this bonds the world's inhabitants together so tightly? With vicious beast bent on destruction and domination, the mists surrounding the island, and uncertainty in not only the past of the land but what the future holds, perhaps it only made sense to be so kind to one another? I wish our society could experience as such.

I will leave this message with someone I can trust, in a place that will keep it well protected, and outlive me for many years to come. I hope, that one day, this letter may find you, and explain everything. I will always miss Mother, and I miss home. I am truly sorry.

Love, now and forever,
Caer Fandry

The papyrus seems relatively new, and is the same type He uses for his own journals. He makes the observation that in some areas, the ink appears to have been saturated. "I am sorry, my friend. I've failed you, haven't I?" He thinks to himself, sliding the letter back into the pages before returning the book to where it was found.

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