Ye Olde Realm

Started by DragnDave


Unbeknownst at the time of Chesparin and Melfindi’s attempts to right the wrongs of the present and travel back in time, a third rift had been wrought, one even farther back than intended to a time whence the Realm was just coming into existence.

Here in this ancient land the Gods as previously known have yet to appear. The Old Gods may be present but that’s only if the rumors of their previous existence are even true. Who would know? No history survived this time, no tales were passed on that could be verified, and no artifacts or remnants ever survived. This ancient land is truly a mystery, and possibly the only chance at salvation for the future of The Realm.

Only the brave souls who journey willingly into this ancient land will know what the future will unveil and what treasures and secrets the Realm is holding deep within its past. Perhaps they'll be able to shift the past to avoid the perils of the future, only time shall tell.


The silence was deafening. Everyone heard the hinges creak as the door opened. They dropped their ales to the table and just stared slack-jawed at the grey-haired old man as he walked through the door. So then, it had been true the rumors they had heard whispered under people's breath. He wasn't dead like all had thought. Age and disease had obviously taken their toll on the gaunt old man. But as sure as life itself there in the doorway stood the man, the legend, Mekkorra. He walked to a seat quietly, with purpose in each step, sat down and in a feeble voice ordered an ale.