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Alignment Circle Access
Good Class Specific Holy Magic and Common Magic
Neutral Class Specific Elemental Magic and Common Magic
Evil Class Specific Dark Magic and Common Magic


Class Strengths
Adventurer Jack of all trades and a master of none
Warrior Strong in melee
Thief Moderately strong in melee and quick on feet, excellent support
Wizard Master of their alignments respective magic circle


Passive Abilities
Race Ability
Orc Faster health regeneration
Elf Faster Mana regeneration
Giant More carrying capacity
Human Slightly faster health regeneration, slightly fast mana regeneration, slightly more carrying capacity


Name Function
Short Sword -
Long Sword -
Two Handed Sword -
Dagger -
Axe -
Club -
Mace -
Unarmed -
Throwing -
Acrobatics -
Maul -
Common Magic -
Elemental Magic -
Holy Magic -
Dark Magic -
Theurgism Increases power of consumables
Alchemy -
Weaponsmith -
Armorer -
Pick Pockets -
Detect Traps -
Pick Locks -
Meditation Increases Mana regeneration
Critical Striking -
Shield Usage -
Focus Increases spell damage power
Healing Increases health regeneration



All items have randomly generated enhancements, therefore the armor that you seek is dynamic and will require some effort on the player's part to find the right pieces to mix and match to make a suite.

Material Level Requirement
Iron 1
Steel 25
Tempered Steel 50
Obsidianite 75
Admantium 100

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