November 19th, 2019

Started by Sam
Sam (Staff)

Greetings, Realmers!

Work continues on the test server development build. I want to give you all some insights in to what to expect with the next patch that will be releasing.

  • Stats being gated behind race have been removed, the stats you can pick are now based on class. In addition to this change you can now spend 23 stat points instead of the 8 before, however, the stat cap remains at 48.

  • Racial bonuses have been added: elves regen mana 3% faster than other races, orcs regen health 3% faster, giants get 30% carry bonus, and humans regen mana 1% faster, regen health 1% faster, and get a 10% carry bonus.

  • Stats will no longer factor in to skill books cost, they'll be 1,2,3,4,5 respectively for a total cost of 15 build points to GM each skill. Each player will start with 5 build points and can earn an additional 100 through leveling. This means that if you choose to GM skills you can only GM 7 skills.

  • Meditation no longer matters for spell power, but it is extremely important to how quickly you regenerate mana.

  • New Focus skill takes the place of meditation on the spell power calculation as well as spell critical calculations.

  • Each classes magic abilities will be locked behind their alignment, meaning you'll only have access to the magic abilities in your alignment. Adventurers will have the ability to choose one "sub-class", this sub class is chosen when they learn a skill book meaning if they learn a thief magic ability they will not be able to learn warrior magic abilities.

  • Theurgism now adds a multiplier to passive health regeneration, it continues to provide a bonus to consumables.

  • Mysticism has been removed the available circles will now be: Common (available to all alignments), Holy (good), Elemental (neutral), Necromancy (evil). To compensate for the removal of the CC spells most will be added as additional affects to other spells.

That is all for now, more to come soon!




Few Questions:

  • You are saying we will start with 5 skill points to spend upon creation - does that mean the beginning auto allocation is removed? For example, thief starting with 2 in Short Sword at level 1.

  • Are there plans to make other skills useful? Only GM in 7 skills is still alot when you consider that a good portion of the skills have no or little use (Lockpicking, Disarm Traps, Pick Pocket, Armor Smith, Weapon Smith, Alchemy, Theurgism (although that passive health regen bonus might be nice), and Unarmed Combat. Seems like people will just GM in 1 weapon, acrobatics, crit strike, meditation, focus, and 2 schools of magic.

I think adding a passive to the skills that have little use similar to Theurgism might be something to explore. For example, each skill tier in Armor Smith provides % increase in your passive Armor stat. Each skill tier in Weapon Smith provides % increase in your passive Attack stat. Each tier in Pick Pocket provides a % increase in your initiative in combat cloud … etc etc.

  • Will the Focus skill or SDM impact monster summon spells?

  • What is a class magic ability? Is this in yet?

  • Not a question but a general comment. Starting as evil alignment is really hard since nothing heals you in the starting zones. Perhaps add some dark faeries that will heal evil alignment.

Sam (Staff)

Great questions!

  • All characters will start without skills allocated or a weapon, the starting location will be in the class "guild hall" where you'll be able to buy the skills / weapons of your desire to get started.
  • I like the idea of armor enhancing armor %, weapon enhancing weapon dmg %, alchemy enhancing potion usage. The thought I had to make unarmed combat more viable is the % chance to "stun" when a punch is landed. As far as two schools of magic it will likely be Common, and your Alignment.
  • Focus takes the place of meditations previous role in the spell power calculation, so it will affect summons.
  • A class magic ability is just another word for saying "spell", each class will have their own spells. For example: A Holy Warrior will have an ability called "Holy Fire" which is holy damage immolation, A Necro Warrior will have the Bloodlust ability, which will increase their MDM but reduce their AR %.
  • Necromancy (Evil) alignment will have the ability to "siphon" life from their opponents as a heal method, or convert mana -> health.


When this is all added to the game, does it mean we will have to start all over?


Love these changes. Can't wait to try them out.

  • "or convert mana -> health."

Isn't converting mana into health basically the same as healing spell? IMHO give necromancy magic a health into mana spell. The opposite of a healing spell that restores the targets mana at the cost of the caster's HP. That'd also make people who want the utility of necromancy have to try alternative methods of healing i.e. alchemy, health regeneration effects. grouping with a good alignment caster etc.

Are class locked helmets/gear going to be making an appearance in this version? I saw items have strength requirements, will spells have int requirements?

Also personal stylistic note, I think Light/Dark/Earth magic or White/Black/Elemental magic sounds better than Holy/Necromancy. Just my 2 cents.


I prefer the Holy/Necromancy names myself just how they are now. They invoke visions of two very different disciplines. As a Necromancer I would love to see the art taken further some day when the undead are summoned to their master's service. The Holy on the other hand has great power of light to use against the dark Necro's forces. That's my two gold coins. =B


Café: "When this is all added to the game, does it mean we will have to start all over?"

As the final game will be completely different from how it is now, it stands to reason that we should, and will have to restart our characters again. I am stoked to see the "final" release. Sets phaser to nag and aims at Red. =b


While I do like what they are doing, I hope it does not happen to soon, I am having quite a bit of fun with the game now and expect it to be some time before I get bored


just a question on holy/necro casters. since they are expected to be on opposite ends ot reality, shouldnt a holy/good healing spell cast on necro/evil mage or minion actually do the opposite and cause them damage?


That makes sense to me. Example: currently casting WrathofGod as an evil wizard is harmful to the evil caster. Healing should produce like effects. On the other hand, a nice heal for the necromancer would be a life drain or sacrifice summoned creature, perhaps an innocent creature…. bunny, chicken…anything available..