November 8th, 2019

Started by Sam
Sam (Staff)
Challenger Throwback Build 0.4


Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue with not being able to trade items
  • Fixed issue with not being able to drop gold
  • Ratling Run levels and stats adjusted
  • North Havenwood content added
  • West Havenwood content added
  • Server has reduced XP
  • Max level is 100
  • World is replica of 2.x
  • No insurance
  • Mana crystals removed; spells require player's mana
  • No enchant or permanency spells
  • Forced PvP in areas that allow it




This is bringing back nostalgia! Please keep this 2x server up and running I feel like it could be a great thing with some more work put in! 2x rocked!!!!


This server is a challenge indeed. It does take a while to level and keeps gameplay enjoyable. I like the Demon Troll addition, but not sure I like berzerkers on the Kurs/Leinster road area. The highwaymen are tough too.

With limited build points for the 100 levels we can get, this is going to ensure that players develop characters differently than in the current version of the game. Diversification in playing helps quite a bit towards having to group too. Everyone can have a specialty in their toons and that gives an added dimension to even the chat windows, since information might become the next thing needed in game.

I have to utilize the guardians for my healing until I can finally get greater healing but that may be a while and it will use a great many of my build points to get it. Meanwhile my ASGW needs to get critical hitting and his weapon skills up as well. I don't know yet how this will turn out, but I am having a lot of fun finding out.

If there are plans to open dungeons on the server, that too will be something to look forward too. I imagine they will be quite hard to handle for individual players, so I am standing by to see if I need to get grouped for that adventure.

I have yet to hunt much in the new wolf area, since the best I could see is that there are a lot of grouped wolves. I can't yet handle that tough of an area yet, but it is on the near horizon.

I noticed you can't teleport from town now, so I assume we will need that spell, but as yet I do not even have the home spell. Fortunately you CAN go home from the town store.

I look forward to seeing what will be next.


So, what s Repuration? Is it supposed to be Reputation, or Reparation?

Sam (Staff)

So, what s Repuration? Is it supposed to be Reputation, or Reparation?

Meant to be reputation, I type fantastic.


really enjoying the challenge throwback. great idea. love the lvl 100 cap. I hope some of this makes it into whatever version of realm you are updating to.