Test Server Online!

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SW (Staff)

Hey Realmers,

Today's content patch (ON TEST ONLY) brings QOL updates and reworked world boss mechanics!


World Bosses

World bosses will now spawn periodically instead of always being alive. The current rate is tuned for about one boss per 20-30 mins, however there is a random element that may cause many to spawn in that time frame.

  • Loot that bosses drop have been updated to include multiple guaranteed bounties. Higher level bosses will drop heroic bounties from heroic dungeons.
  • Open world bosses will drop a Bauble of Skill when defeated. This bauble will award the player one additional build point which can be used on regular and prestige skills.
    • Note: The Prestige Reset mirror will reset your build points to 30. If you use a Bauble of Skill and then the mirror, you will not get the additional build point back!
  • When a boss spawns, a system announcement will go out so all players can see it
  • When a boss is defeated, another system announcement will go out
  • You can always see what bosses are alive by using the /bosses command!


  • A new enemy type has emerged into the Avalon Dunes. Where they are from and why they are there is a mystery. Can you defeat this new threat?
  • Avalon Grasslands are now inhabited by different NPCs!
  • There are rumors of two new world bosses in Avalon, but who is skilled enough to defeat them?


Seasonal Content
  • The open world seasonal drop table has been updated to drop Thanksgiving themed items!


Dungeon Changes

Based on player feedback, we have performed the following quality of life updates on some of our existing dungeons. This is an ongoing effort and we'd love to hear more from you about additional changes we can make to existing content! :smile:

Warrior's Abode

  • Paladins have evacuated Warrior's Abode!


  • Riddles removed from door

Snake Pit

  • Riddle removed from last chest. Last chest updated as a rare loot destination.
  • Increased monster density
  • Increased difficulty of fights as you move further through the dungeon. There should be a more consistent experience curve through the dungeon now.
  • Replaced Earth Elementals with King Kilrogs

Imp Haven

  • Increase monster density
  • Increased difficulty to create a more balanced and rewarding levelling experience

Naktos' Morgue

  • Removed lever required to open Bone Pit area. Naktos will now drop a key to enter this part of the dungeon.

Newbie Dungeons

  • All pieces of Familiar armor can now drop at any low level dungeon instead of being partitioned like Proficient and Expert gear


Game Balancing
  • Updated "initial shrug" message to say "resist spell"
  • Removed spell resist from beneficial spells like heal, greater heal, and shields
  • Balanced Mass Heal (over performing) aligned with heal, and greater heal
  • Add strength damage bonus modifier to critical strike
  • Add Intel and Dex chance bonus modifier to critical strike
  • Add Endurance movement bonus modifier to movement rate
  • Add feedback for when items are destroyed and for every damage tick when item is below 10 durability


Got a bauble of skill off of The Harvester, when I tried to use it (I am 1850ish in level) it said You can't use that item! Destroying… and then destroyed it. I did try and use it from a backpack. I did not get a build point.


Spent an bit playing on test and here's my feedback from that run:

World Bosses:

I think they were all up when I got on as nobody else was on the server at the time and the /bosses list looked pretty full. Found and killed a few.

In general I like the system. There was no issue with fighting, or with the system message upon defeat.

However, I will say that none of them respawned while I was on the server which was for more than 20-30 min. Since only a few were down I'm thinking maybe the 20-30 min spawn check was checking against bosses that were already up and then spawning nothing even tho there were missing bosses. Maybe this is by design. Just thought I'd point it out if not.

Not sure on what is "high level" boss and what isn't. Desert Madman dropped 1 regular bounty, Havester dropped 5 bounties (2 regular, 3 heroic) and a bauble of skill. This would seem to imply that Harvester is considered "high level" and Desert Madman isn't… is this intentional? Perhaps it is. Madman seems "higher level" to the eye test to me.

I know Snaggletooth is super noob, but maybe drop a The Unknown bounty? Overall the fight felt like just another rat between model, hp, and loot.


Warrior's Abode: Like the removal of paladins, seems more smooth now.

Snake Pit: This seemed nice and smooth. Like the density changes. Gossip thanks you for removing the chest password.

Imp Haven: As with SP this seemed good overall. I do think it's "harder" now. Was the intent to increase the intended level?

Sam (Staff)

Got a bauble of skill off of The Harvester, when I tried to use it (I am 1850ish in level) it said You can't use that item! Destroying… and then destroyed it. I did try and use it from a backpack. I did not get a build point.

Thanks for the feedback. Will be updating this logic.


With competition over world bosses… would be neat to see ambushes (level appropriate) replace random jumping. (See post in feedback). Also would be neat to see forced /yescombat in the higher level zones.


I think forcing /yescombat on a population that has seemingly rejected pvp in the game would be a mistake.


pvp is dead. It's not coming back. Flash can't even get people to pvp with him when he offers to pay them.

The only future for pvp would be AFTER a huge influx of players which, if ever, would only be AFTER the new client.


No one wants to fight Flash because there's no incentive to PvP, thus no incentive to level/gear a toon comparable to his. Might be more friendly sparring if he wasn't a, well, you know.

But if there was an incentive to hunt in a certain zone because the rewards are higher….

Not a must have for me by any means, just an idea to spice up a small percentage of the game.


I cant speak to why more people dont want to pvp….. I do think that putting better rewards behind an activity most people dont seem to enjoy will either cause resentment if they push through or they will feel like they are being left out of something if they choose to not do it. Either of these options seem detrimental to player base growth/retention.
On a different note I think the reason no one fights flash is the same reason you dont give a screaming toddler a candy bar….it only reinforces that idiotic behavior and makes you put up with that behavior even more.


i like what has been done to the caves especially to IH. Iam curious tho is there anywhere that has a list of spawn areas for the world bosses?


I like the new incentive to hunt world bosses. I'm not sold on the new mobs in Avalon Dunes.

World bosses: I've killed eight so far (Snaggletooth, Zender, 2x Harvester, 2x Desert Madman, 2x Spirit of Kal'Dar. The bounties have yielded 2 GLK, a pro WL cowl, an AoChoking and 20 coin purses. I've gotten six baubles of skill. What's interesting about those is that they vendor for 500012gp each! That's quite a price. I understand that they'll be harder to get when I'm not the only player online, but wow! Makes it worth learning etherealize for sure!

Avalon Dunes: this is the wrong place for these mobs. If they were in Ocean View or in the cave that's currently locked, I could see it, but not in a zone adjacent to Avalon Town. The way Avalon is set up in prod allows for a smooth leveling path from the River to the UG. Removing the green snakes from Avalon Dunes is a mistake, in my opinion. The new mobs are a challenge, so I hope you'd move them to Ocean View and give overworld hunters a chance at expert gear from them. Punishers were one-hitting summoned zombies for 20k, and priestesses had 3150sdm and 1000mdm, which might be a bit overpowered, but they're a good addition when in the right location.


Great work, guys. I particularly agree with the game balancing changes. Since I haven’t been on test, I have two questions surrounding the Baubles of Skill:

1) are these anticipated to be tradable or BoP? Personally, I’m leaning more toward tradable as this market could definitely benefit from more activity.

2) are there any plans to be able to spend the Baubles of Skill buildpoints for lvl 7 skills without prestiging at 2k? If so, it would be a nice vehicle for people to be able to enjoy new abilities/skills without having to grind from 1-1000 a third time, etc.

Again, keep up the good work and many of us do understand that development takes time, especially with a small (yet productive) team.

Gimli (Staff)

Thanks all for the feedback so far! The vendor price on baubles of skill is definitely not correct, I will look into that.

As for Malevolent's questions,
1) They are tradeable
2) If you are referring for second prestige (after 2k), we haven't made plans for those yet


Lots of positive changes. Any rough date when this patch might go in live?

I like how there's an active test server for players to try out.

Is this a one time test or the new patch process?


Having had this patch on live for a bit now I would ask that you reconsider the original plan of the crafting system having each combine require crafting components that drop only from world bosses.

I think having the skill baubles and the heroic bounties drop from them is reasonable and enough.


On Test. You can't just get the baubles to level up to go try these things?
You have to actually work on the levels first ?
Just asking, the old test you went to the vendor and got as many baubles as you wanted for the level you wanted to try things.

Gimli (Staff)

We periodically do a copy of characters from FF to the test server. The current characters are a few months behind live, we aim to sync them up soon.


i have been playing for several hours on test killing rats with a new toon the experience rate is way to low. Still haven't found any sort of special rings, amulets, or belts definitely need to make those drop more often. I also had a thought about armor/ weapons that are store bought already with str/dex buffs. all different prices (ex) Armor mythil cowl enchanted with str. 1000gp. mythil cowl enchanted with str./dex 2000gp. mythil cowl str/dex/reg 3000gp. Weapons Mythil long sword enchanted with fire dmg. 1000gp. mythil long sword enchanted with fire/ice. 2000gp so on and so forth. Would make it easier for solo players starting off especially for the war/adv classes.


I have found magical iron greaves both blue and yellow levels, and one iron vest yellow level. So far I have not found the same enchant combinations on any of these, so will continue to look for more of the same. I too have not found green level rings or amulets, but do not expect to find them in ratling run. I am currently using a vest that gives electric immolation, which is new to me but sounds like it would be nice. Keeping them as iron is okay for anyone but wizards, you might have troll leather ones to find instead so they are not as heavy to a new toon, however.

It is a bit nostalgic to see the older unused buildings, and the old chat dialogs. I would like to see where the direction is headed for the use of dyes, however (none in shops). I eagerly await the next step in npc locations, but I will be patient.

Upgrading the zombies to being green faced instead of mashed is nice too. The pixies and nymphs seem to drop higher level loot than the others do, but that makes sense to me. The rats, bats and flying rats look to be much the same as they were, but I have seen very few multiple enemy fights and for a new character playing here, that is easier to accept.

Having 2 teleporters in east leinster is kind of funny, but then I remember that people rudely park their toons on teleporter screens, so having a backup location could be good to have if we can't get to the one above. I think I would prefer a mechanic that sends people home if they are on a teleporter screen for over half an hour though.

Using mana bananas again is also nostalgic, I am using a ASGW on the test server so far and the level of usable mana is very low but gradually grows as levels go up. I see also there are mana orbs to buy to replenish the mana as necessary. I think a mana regeneration enchantment might help here somewhat as well, so there is no constant visitation to stores making them be too populated. I do not mind having less mana as a fighting character, but there are some rather useful abilities fighters might need in their magic using (cure poison, heal) and I think some other new possibilities for gameplay could be introduced, like paralyze, sleep (use of death showing character lying on the ground), and disease (green skin for all but orcs, maybe make theirs red), a spell to make people into zombies (white skinned) and counter spells for each. If any of these are in game, then warriors as well as wizards might need access to those spells.


Haven't been able to get on this server since the Dec 17 patch. Is it down for improvements?


Thanks for bringing the test server up. The problem with bounties being empty still exists on the test server.


Test server has bounties? Cause last I knew it was a throwback server and didn't have those….