Game Download

There are two servers for The Realm® Online. Each one requires a different game download to play:

Despothes' Grove

This is the server where any existing characters from your Sierra Online, Codemasters, or Norseman Games days will live.

  • Requires a Noble Citizen account to play
  • The same, unchanged Realm experience from Sierra Online, Codemasters or Norseman Games!
Finvarra's Fortress

A brand new server launched June 2018. This server is available Free-to-play with bonuses for Noble Citizen accounts.

This server is a fresh start for all players. No existing characters or items are available.

  • Free to play
  • Combat Mechanics revamp (Myst Shrugging, Spell damage, Attribute-based combat)
  • Brand new items and content!
  • And much more!